What was your local needs this week?

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  • dbq407
    Ours was on making use of phone witnessing and letter writing. Both ineffective and wastes of time. Another local cong. was about aux. pioneers during memorial season. A few years ago they had 45 aux. pioneers, last year 13. Always nice to hear about the numbers falling :)
  • TipsyMangoTea

    Tonight's local needs talk was about the benefits but mostly dangers of social networking, particularly "untrue things being shared by online friends you don't really know like on forums."

    (*waves enthusiastically to any lurking elders from my congregation*)

  • talesin
    Better snow removal, more efficient transit, and ....... oh, you meant in the JW way. OOPS! : P
  • LevelThePlayingField
    Ours was a video shown from JW broadcasting about a sister who went to serve where the need was greater. Then the COBE asked how that could apply to anyone in our cong. He said that young or old we could be like that sister in our spirit.
  • joe134cd

    TipsyMangoTea = I wonder how long it will be before they do a full back track on that, and start exonerating it (e.g the Internet). Then the R&F will be left in amazement thinking just how fast jehovahs chariot is moving, in using social networking for the preaching work. Yup jehovahs org always has its finger on the pulse to react to any given situation.

    Curiously did he give examples of the untrue things, so that the congregation can be better informed.

  • Bonsai
    I had a local needs meeting with myself on what annuals to plant in my garden when spring rolls around. I also came to the conclusion that I need a haircut and a diet wouldn't hurt either.. I think my local needs was much more productive than the local kingdomhall's.
  • Da.Furious

    Ours, in Britian, was about the new branch allocation. Although 80% was about LDC and what they are doing. Also it hinted about a complain that congregation handed over their money and now wondering how they will fix their KH. the answer was, request form the Branch and they will decide what needs to be done and when.

    Then the final bit was about new branch and how they are waiting for approval for the new scope - reduced scope.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    Further information re Britain Local Needs

    Item titled: "Unless Jehovah Builds It..." based on Psalm 127:1. The video featured Paul Gillies several times - tall Scot whom I believe was the branch representative who tried and failed to give a riposte to the Guardian re the UN NGO scandal. I have a feint memory of him being on a video for elders and coming across as a real toughie on "apostates".

    The video claimed that the UK work is "speeding up" and hence more KH's are needed. They showed a few minutes of a build in Corby and stated that 157 KH's were needed in Britain as a whole and 213 needed to be renovated.

    When I heard this, I then realised that perhaps this is why they left the % increase box blank in the annual report. How can they claim the work is speeding up with all those KH builds and renovations needed if the % increase box was either nil or negative!

    The other thing I noted is that hitherto, "Local Needs" meant needs specific to the congregation and determined by the local BoE. Now "local" is subject to semantic shift and can mean national (branch) needs! Perhaps this direct influence over / ingress to congregations explains the motivation for directing BoE to spend money on screens and projectors!

    They didn't ask for money as such, but Paul Gillies did thank bros for their "continued support". They get NOTHING FROM ME!

  • Spiral

    Ours was give more money.

  • TipsyMangoTea

    joe134cd = (*shakes head*) The elder didn't give specific examples, but he did say that before you post something online, "Ask yourself, would you be able to share this story to the congregation, on televised news, or even to the Governing Body?"

    Those were listed in that order...

    They probably will backtrack and praise social networking to the max once it officially becomes a preaching method on field service reports (like what's your character word count or how much Internet data you've wasted Skyping/Facetiming someone). I think they've already included electronic media on the new report slips, but our congregation doesn't have those yet.

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