What's your degree of anti-JWness?

by Landy 29 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • venus

    I am 11 because I am zero-tolerant towards exclusivists

  • Tallon

    I don't 'hate' the individual JW however, I detest the Organisation for some of its down right evil policies and practices which have caused untold misery for many, many people over the years.

    So consider me a 10.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


    i draw the line at disrupting their meetings. simply because i wouldnt want to enter a hall or an assembly.

    their inhuman shunning policy is wrecking families and causing totally unnecessary stress, misery--and even leading to some poor souls taking the final exit.

    as regards the no blood policy--i think the estimated numbers of deaths is way more than reality---but even so--one death is one too many. can you seriously imagine Jesus encouraging a parent to let a child die for want of it ?

    ive no issue with the watchtower teachings re: armageddon--resurrection--new world etc----if people choose to believe that nonsense--good luck to them. never gonna happen.

  • scratchme1010

    So, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is absolutely pro-JW, 5 is neutral and 10 is youtubing nutjob apostate, where do you stand?

    I'm probably around a 6. I have the view that JWs are a nothing marginal religion. If I hadn't been brought up as one I doubt they would have ever entered my consciousness.

    The reasons it's a 6 and not a 5 is that I have some concerns over their child baptism and safeguarding procedures, but I think it's down to them being a bit dim rather than any pro child abusing ethos.

    If it wasn't for that I would be entirely comfortable in my apathy and it would be a 5.

    Interesting topic. I would first ask what exactly do you mean by anti-JW. As others have posted, it's not that in black and white. I have no respect for the WT organization, and other than this forum I don't think much about it (unless I have to talk about my upbringing). I'm not in a campaign against them, and I'm not interested in convincing anyone about what I believe, nor my stand or opinions about them. Also, since I am in the USA, I protect their right to exist as a religious organization, as that's how I protect mine.

    More importantly, to me being anti-JW means keeping them in my life, which is the opposite of what I prefer to do. In order for me to be "anti" them, I need to keep myself updated with whatever nonsense they come up with. My path is about minimizing their influence and relevance in my life, so remaining up to date and keeping up with their crap creates a negative impact in my well being.

    That said, I also want to make clear that this it MY process and what works for me. In no way am I going to disrespect people who prefer to create a YouTube video exposing them, nor I feel that I should be in the position of imposing on others what kind of relationship or stance they should have with the WT. That is their choice, their process of healing, the way they choose to cope with their anger. In fact, better to see a YouTube video than seeing them bombing KHs.

    We are different people, with different experiences, even as JWs we had different experiences. They treat women differently, they treat the LGBTQ differently, they treat children differently, so the degree of influence is different. Hence, your scale may not make sense as you presented it. Though I think this is an interesting topic.

  • freddo

    I'd go 8.

    They are Hypocites. And they shun their own members who truthfully point this out an they run away from those on the outside who truthfully point this out. (Unless they are dragged screaming and kicking to court or commission.)

    The two main reasons they do not put the needs of victims of abuse as a high priority are -

    1. They are white-washed graves - all about appearances. (They obviously don't believe Satan is laughing and saying to Jehovah "I can see through the antics of your so-called people.")

    2. They love money as their source of power and luxury and do not trust their God Jehovah to support them. (So they will never apologise for the damage they have done and they fight financial claims tooth and nail.)


    Arguing about the term "innocent children", is beyond ludicrous. Who the F*** even does that?

    Landy has a tendency for pseudo-intellectual dick measuring, just like Richard Oliver and Fisherman.


  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Should change my name to Two Cents Tor...

    @Stan LiveDeath, so true...."Can you seriously imagine Jesus encouraging a parent to let a child die for...." This scripture comes to mind (this is for lurkers)...Luke 14:5...Which of you shall have a donkey or an oxen fall into a pit and will not pull him out on the Sabbath". Jesus example is that a life is being saved, even if it's a life of an animal...

    JW's have no idea what God requires...they are so busy trying to please God, they lost the message...the heart of the matter of this Christian walk...Love God and Love others (not just JW's)...

    God even said he doesn't want any more sacrifices....JW's don't realize, that the ransom is a gift...and they ain't nothing you can do to pay back...that's what they don't get...you can't pay it back...so just preach and if folks bite cool if not...don't worry...

    I'm still in...love the congregation...they are all nuts, including me...but I keep my funny ways to myself....I would love to fade...not be DF'd and find a place to worship God...no matter where you go, no place of worship has the truth...they just give you pieces of the puzzle and you have to put it together yourself...So, I'm a 5...slipping into 6.


  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    1. I feel pity for most individual brain washed JW members.
    2. I absolutely detest and hate the Watchtower religion cult and it's lying, deceptive, and controlling leadership. Hateness level on your scale = 20.
  • NVR2L8

    I am with Stan and Tallon.

    I totally disagree with their doctrine and I believe it's a cult holding hostage those I love.

    It's a 10 for me.

  • Landy

    Fair enough, but I will ask the question again, Are you really finding fault because I said sexually molested children are innocent. Isn't that a bit nit-picky?

    Yes and no. It's nit picky from a grammatical point of view in that it's redundant, but what gets under my skin is it fits in with the cheap methods used by more than a couple of posters (not you that I've noticed) to emotionalise child abuse to order to score points. It just stood out to me in the context you used it in.

    What is really unnecessary is your fault finding over small details. I suppose it's all to draw attention away from the larger problem of JWs sexually molesting children and covering it up for the sake of public image.

    Yeah, that's it.

    In the OP you said you were about a 6 on your scale of being anti-Witness, but you come across more like a solid 1.

    Yeah, right. I'd go down a fucking storm in a KH.

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