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  • Petraglyph
    That looks like it was designed by committee :D
  • sowhatnow
    well, when i was married and lived in a house, i had bird feeders and lots of windows, and my cats Loved to sit on their shelf and look out the windows, But Now, I live in a small single story half duplex, with no window to the backyard, [and no cats to love] just a door with a window on it. im lucky to have a door to a one acre yard where I live. there is a large window in the front but it faces the driveway, and the birds most likely would get hurt on the glass flying into it, so all i do is toss dry bread crumbs out on the back yard once a day. [im not at a place to afford feeders and seed my daughter saves me stale bread and crackers] in summer i can leave the door open, and the screen door at least lets me hear them and see them. i might try the web site idea. thanks for the input on teh monitors, ill keep that in mind, if I do end up borrowing one from someone, ill set it out only while Im eating breakfast, and keep it inside otherwise.
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    Sowhatnow, you need to get yourself a little budgie. Or a lovebird.

    I confess to being a bit of a bird nut myself and I miss my birds. My lovebird died a few years ago after a long and healthy life. He lived 17 years. I sure miss that little nut. He would sleep inside the hood of my hoodie when I was on the computer. Or try to peck at my keys while I was typing.

    I also had many wild bird friends when I lived up in the north country. I would spend hours and hours just watching the wild birds that would visit my balcony - one day I counted 14 different species that visited. And I took photos of all of them.

    Damn...this apartment living isn't any good for feeding birds. Some days, I pull up all the photos I took of my old bird friends and just look at them. Or I go for a walk so I can talk to the crows. And I leave my window open so I can hear the Canada geese every evening - hundreds fly overhead every day just as the sun is setting.

    Yeah...I am sort of in love with birds. Of all kinds.

  • glenster

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