"Can we question leadership?" Check out the Morman answer....

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  • stuckinarut2


    How interesting! See a similarity?

    Don't question the leaders or doctrine, because they are obviously correct...

  • SafeAtHome
    Holy Crap, not only did he get the evil notion to question anything from higher education....but....the answer, of course which is you do NOT question doctrine came from the doctrines own writing! Heck yes I see a similarity!😝 A cult by any other name.......
  • rebelfighter
    Did you read any of the comments?
  • sparrowdown

    If by "question" you mean critically then I can't think of many situations where you can question critically anyone who has some kind of power over you. The only way around that, if you really want to be heard, is to go to the person that has power over them.

    And therein lies the problem. Religions have a free pass in many ways like discrimination for eg because God is their boss and only the highest ranking in the group have access to that boss - kinda sucks doesn't it.

  • sparky1

    The men that govern the Mormon Church and the Governing Body(tm) of Jehovah's Witnesses............... BLOOD BROTHERS!

  • oppostate

    Cults of a feather fly together

  • 2+2=5
    The comments on that link are creepy to say the least. Entirely effed up is probably more accurate.
  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Was having an amiable business meeting with a mormon recently and he was telling me how they don't drink alcohol.

    I mentioned that the first miracle performed by jesus was turning water into wine.

    He told me that it was his understanding that the wine mentioned in this case was 'pure grape juice ' and not alcoholic.

    Belief truly is the enemy of reason.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    joey jojo: "pure grape juice"? Greek word for wine is "oinos" the same greek word used in

    Ephesians 5;18 "do not get drunk on pure grape juice". Ok that doesn't make sense to get drunk

    on grape juice. Jesus made some kick ass, back wood, red mountain wine. If you are going to make

    up a story, make it interesting. Turning water into grape juice is no big deal, you just drop a few grapes

    in the vat.

    Yes I agree "belief truly is the enemy of reason".

  • MarkofCane

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