I got some email from my ex best friend, a JW!

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  • rocketman

    You know its never a good idea to mix witnesses and worldy, mostly for the worldy persons sake.

    Me too BG, I found that statement quite odd....and actually, it's true, lol.

  • LDH

    You are way nicer than me. As JT says, I spent 30 years arguing about whether Jesus died on a lightpole or a telephone pole.

    I don't argue with people about their religious beliefs any more.

    If they choose not to respect my beliefs in the same way that I am expected to respect theirs, well, I say Let the doorknob hit cha where the Good Lord split cha.

    And I mean that. I don't speak to my family at all.

    Their loss, not mine.


    Movin' on Up Class

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