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  • pbrow

    So I am driving with my oldest the other day and she says....

    I was reading the watchtower at the meeting and thought.... "the watchtower and awake are just like... what is that stuff that countries put out when they are at war?... propaganda... Yeah, they only give you one side of something and you have to listen to them because they are chosen"

    I praised allah right then and there!!!

    My oldest is truly out. She may have to go to meetings with her mother but mentally she is done with this church. I wish I had the smarts and the stones that this girl has at 15 years old!


  • Magnum

    Very good insight. I wish I had been like that at her age. I hope more and more young ones come to such realizations.

    It truly is propaganda. I see it more and more. JWs get one side, and often that side is slanted or outright deceptive. Just like in N Korea, JWs are not supposed to hear any other sides.

  • jaydee
  • stuckinarut2

    Brilliant observation!

    Young ones like this who can discern such manipulation will be the downfall of the society...

  • pale.emperor

    I remember when i was dating an Oxford lecturer in politics, i shown her a watchtower magazine and within seconds she asked me "ok, they're claiming "scientists say..." what scientists? what are their credentials? what tests did they run? was it published and acknowledged?". As a JW we just accepted phrases like "scientists say...", in the real world, intelligent people require more than that. As a teacher, there's no way she's accept an exam paper without citations and credentials of the writer.

  • stuckinarut2
  • scratchme1010

    I wish I had the smarts and the stones that this girl has at 15 years old!

    Remember, she has you.

  • pbrow
    scratchme1010.... thank you
  • smiddy

    Great post ,if only I had that nouse when i was 19 years of age .

    Well at least I did wake up 33 years later .

    Your oldest does have the smarts ,kudos to her.

  • carla

    Bravo for her!!! Happy for you as well!

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