November campaign

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  • Brainfloss

    Has there been any topics about the November watchtower campaign— what is gods kingdom?

  • nowwhat?

    Crickets! Wow what an impact!

  • Atlantis

    2020-November Campaign Documents

    See last page for letter.

  • Funky

    Turns out sending letters / emails with unwanted "literature" or fishy-looking links to businesses & government offices is having approximately 0.000 impact on the lives of anyone.

    Who'da thunk it?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I got roped in to sending letters to local "businesses", takeaways, curry houses, hairdressers mainly. I wrote a careful letter enclosing a QR code to JWFacts. I hope someone follows it.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    BTW. The actual copy of the magazine is as dull and boring as anything I have ever seen.

  • steve2

    This is a religion whose time is well and truly over.

    The world has not ended, honey; it has moved on.

  • waton

    As Car Sagan said: " The world has ended, but nobody noticed. "

  • smiddy3

    "The world wont end with a bang but a whimper" Nevil Shute , I like that quote from his book "On The Beach"

    and have taken the liberty to apply it to the JW religion.

    That is the world of WatchTower /Jehovahs Witness religion

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    A friend of ours sent us a photo of a letter allegedly from the Queen of England's suite. The JWs are all excited by it. Don't think she actually reads all of the stuff she must get sent otherwise she'd be snowed under.

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