Orwell's 1984- a text book for the GB?

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  • purrpurr

    I'm in the middle of studying 1984 by George Orwell . It's a frightening book but more so for me because it's describing the Borg to the letter almost just by another name.

    Right down to the changing of history to suit BB doctrine, the younger generation not believing anymore but finding ways around the rules to live their own lives. The culture of squealing on others and kids being taught to do that even to their own parents. The suppression of sex and the sex impulse . The idea that they are at war against a brotherhood/apostate enemy . Traitors who are wiped off the record to not exsist anymore (shunning ), the double speak, nu speak, the hate week (conventions ) etc etc I could go on and on

    Is it possible that the GB have been using 1984 as a kind of text book? To get their ideas?

    Finally I agree with Winston , if the revolution happens it has to come from the proles... the rank and file to you and me

    BTW I asked my jw parent had they ever read the book and they said "no, I decided it was propaganda". They actually said that!

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, it is an amazing book!

    Such an eye opener to the art of propaganda, thought control, and behaviour manipulation....

  • punkofnice

    I think it's hilarious that there's a 'Brother Rutherford' in 1984.

  • sir82

    I don't think they use the book as a guide, but rather, any and all oppressive and totalitarian systems generally follow the same pattern. "1984" reflects that pattern in a fictional setting, but the pattern exists and has existed independently for centuries.

  • Twitch

    Great book, an eye opener when I first read it.

    You might find this a good corroborative read;


  • ttdtt

    Yes for sure - the parallels are uncanny.

    I read it often - and am always shocked to see how similar the org is.

    "Chocolate rations have been raised"

  • ttdtt

    Combine 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 with a little of Brave New World - and you get the GB

  • berrygerry

    Yup, it's Knorr et co's guidebook, to a T.

    Orwell's estate should receive a percentage of WT profits.

  • BluesBrother
    BTW I asked my jw parent had they ever read the book and they said "no, I decided it was propaganda". They actually said that

    No....Many committed dubs find their time filled with all the WTS stuff to have the time to read....and few would expand their mind in a book like that.

    In a spirited discussion with an elder of the extended family I asked him if he had ever read George Orwell? He seemed shocked at the suggestion

  • purrpurr

    Interesting , is Orwell banned at all? Discouraged? I haven't seen anything in print saying that but then there wouldn't necessarily be any

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