How many times did you see a JW start a business

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  • karter

    With the intention of spending less time working and more time in F.S I saw this many times. An ex C.O started a carpet cleaning business with the charter being spending less time working more time in F.S. he has long since passed away and the company is now huge being the major player in flood resteration and employing 100's of people one of the owners I spoke to recently was sick due to using to many chemicals but carries on becouse he loves the money even though he's worth millions. Another bro started a painting company and employed many people just till he payed off his morgage. ...that was payed off 20 years ago and his business is bigger than ever. 1 bro that did stick to what he said was about to retire early and spend more time in F.S..... he got ripped off by an elder who was an accountant went to jail and the brother he ripped off fell away.

  • scratchme1010

    I've never seen any decision made based on the JW nonsense bear anything good or on the interest of the JWs making it.

  • HereIgo

    I personally only have known of a just a few brothers to start their own business. One brother was an architect and had a business in that industry. A few other brothers had small window cleaning business etc, nothing to get rich off of, just enough to maintain.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I owned a house cleaning service employed 8 JW's, a 31 flavor popcorn store and a BBQ restaurant. My doctor told me I need to slow up, I may end up having a heart attack. The restaurant was the killer, 4 kids, elder in a small congregation (3 elders), worked nights from 10pm-7am as a machinist and I still had time for FS.. I was serving where the need is great...The wife managed the restaurant during the day while I slept, crazy times....

  • prologos

    I have seen jws start cleaning empires (who could have better recommendations than stadiums brought up to spic&span specs?), real estate empires, incorporated 3M detailers, electricians, plumbers, builders (with RBC trained, dependant, angel supervised, jc disciplined workers). Starting a business, is the crutch for not having an education, a career or cushy government job, because you spend decades pioneering.

    I have seen pyramid scheme companies started and maintained with the connections that is provided by jw membership, extreme luxury accssest in in 3rd world countries,

  • wozza

    I think the governing scum have been cleaning up for years

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Q.: How many times did you see a JW start a business?

    A.: Not often. I knew one fellow who owned a butcher shop and the 3 story building it was in with rental apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floor. He also owned the single-family home that he lived in with his wife and five kids. I don't know his financial details, but I would guess he was doing pretty well.

    He went into business and bought his home before he became a JW.

    When "Armageddon Fever" went around prior to 1975, he sold the business and the 3 story building so he could pioneer while this evil system came down.

    After a few years he had to go back to work - at a meatpacking plant (a BIG step down in job satisfaction and the loss of being his own boss, which he was fully capable of) - so he could provide for his family.

    Eventually he sold his home and relocated to a less expensive area of the country.

    I think he was a good example of an intelligent man who was misled by clowns who didn't know half of what he did about business or success. but that's just MY opinion, he probably thinks the Jehovah sock-puppet was well pleased by his loyalty.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    My two nephews started their own cafe selling a high end coffee. Better quality than starbucks, they claim. They opened a year ago and doing very well. They know the in's and out's of social media and that has made their shop to be quite full most of the times. They are in their mid and late twenties. They are too smart to buy the current Watchtower BS. I think in time they will fade... or not. They may decide to pretend for the sake of family.

    Perhaps they like the kool-aid... I hope not

  • DesirousOfChange

    I saw many JWs go "into business" as self-employed workers. Cleaning. Remodeling. Window-washing. Most failed to realize the need to set-aside part of their earnings for taxes, or medical insurance, or a "rainy day". Almost all failed or struggled for all of their life, waiting for Social Security to kick in and bail them out, and then discovered they only got minimum benefits because they never paid in much on the taxes towards the benefit.

    Or, they got injured (or sick) and had not purchased health insurance (that's how it is in the US) and it resulted in them having to go bankrupt to break free of the catastrophic debt, though many still lost everything.

    Most of these had to go to work "for themselves" as they had no education or training to be employable by others. They wouldn't need it. The End was "right around the corner"! . . . . Doc

  • truth_b_known

    I can't count the number of brothers I knew who started businesses, but only 1 to spend more time in the ministry.

    Right out of high school I worked at 3 different jobs, all businesses owned by brothers.

    My dad was usually self employed the last business he ran would have made him millions, but he wanted to spend more time in the ministry. Now he has nothing to take care of himself and my mother because of it.

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