Random thoughts on the Ransom

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  • waton

    ransom ramblings: 3 perfect lives lost, plus untold others, 1000s of religions formed, all over a badly told story. inconsistencies, randomly selected:

    The tree of life was never a prohibited dietary supplement (if you have it you will not die). Even if you had sinned, the TOL would cancel the effect. The TOL retained that magic effect even after the fall, because the rotating sward had to be set spinning to stop TOL's use. Just destroying the good veggie would have been not good enough? question: did the TOL have that quality before the talking snake incident? from the start? then:

    Eve failed in at least 2 aspects as a helper.

    1) she should have always mixed some TOL into any salad, soup she served. ,or as an appetizer, or desert. it would have always neutralized the effect of any toxic substance like the forbidden fruit. and

    2) first things first! she should have made sure that she got pregnant*** to have children right away, exempt from the genetic flaws that were later acquired and required the ransom, the required human sacrifice to correct, not to mention our medical arts.

    *** an easy task with perfect allures and the dress code of the times. A failure of the snake too, not to sneak in perfect kids by the now perfected sex techniques , before, - having to fight the "universal sovereignty" issue with only an imperfect cast.

    I am sure the original writer did so as a joke too.

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