JW Baptism

by James Mixon 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • OrphanCrow
    Millie: Unlike the stern JWs who measure to make sure a toe didnt stick out or it doesnt count and they re- dunk you.

    Haha! I remember my dad always being the one of the guys who did the dunking at the assemblies. He was big and strong but he couldn't swim.

    At the small summer assemblies, they would use a horse trough that was brought in just for the baptism. At this one assembly, a very large woman was being baptized and Dad had a really hard time with her. Not only did her toes float up above the water, and she barely fit in the trough, but she panicked and pulled my dad in under the water at one point. My dad almost drowned. It took some assistance to get all of her properly baptized.

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