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  • FedUpJW

    So as I sit here listening to the Sunday morning BS session the elder on the stage yapped about religion and that there can only be ONE religion leading to God. He used the illustration of a bicycle wheel. It has many spokes and they all lead to the center. And he said that many people feel that way about religion, all religions will lead to God. But they are WRONG, there is only ONE religion that leads to God.

    I thought what a stupid illustration.

    I don't know of ANY bicycle that can be ridden with wheels that have only ONE SPOKE!

    What are some of the most idiotic illustrations you have heard over the years?

  • waton

    The tacking of His Majesty's Sailing Vessel the "Watchtower" registered in Brooklyn NY.

    The doctrinal changes were compared by the wt writer, Klein to the tacking of a sailing vessel in its effort to reach her destination. the rub?

    Only if you steer against the wind (pneuma aka HS), is there need to tack. very appropriate though, because wt is getting ever farther from the goal for the jws, now set at ~ 2075. The tacks becoming ever tackier, overlapping supposed final leg.

  • Darkknight757

    That illustration works better for showing that all religions lead to God, not the other way around. Even the elders are getting dumber.

  • Spoletta

    Only having one spoke explains the veering in many directions and occasional crashes of Jehovah's chariot.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    We knew an elder who would take sections of pipe as visual aids when he gave the marriage talk.

    Some new people moved in and suddenly that talk was never given again.

  • Chook

    A better illustration would be to say removing the push bike seat leads to God .

  • waton

    FuJ: That one true wire spoke would be useless unless the other false ones gave the combined tension to have it function., making the true religion not a pillar of truth but dependent on all the others. wt truly is just one of the many pulling in all directions.

    JWs on an exercise bike, never going anywhere, from date to date.

  • Ding

    Splane's diagram illustrating overlapping generations

  • waton
    Splane's diagram illustrating overlapping generations Ding:

    Why is that stupid of him to use that diagram? because

    in It he showed that the generation passes away at the onset of the Great Tribulation, --contradicting Jesus who said: the generation would not pass away, see it all, the end, the reward of the sheep.

    If you contradict Jesus, you fiancee, you got some ex-splane-ing to do, you might end up to be an ex,--- period.

  • btlc

    The problem with illustrations is that you can confirm anything no matter how stupid it is, if you just pick the right illustration. How that works? You have problem for which you seek a solution. And you don't solving the original problem, oh no, you simply pick completely diferent "problem" with known solution - that solution which fits your needs. After that, procedure is trivial, you just need to find or make up "connections" between original problem and the illustration, and map "the solution" from illustration to original problem, and voila, you solved the problem! Of course, that works only in JW fairy world...

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