Shunning from different perspectives

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  • waton
    With resilience and strength … people can find ways to create a life worthwhile and meaningful for them, even after an event like this.

    P: hear, hear, think of Joseph after his expulsion, aka "disfellowshipping"; Galileo after his shunning, banning of his books, and the later success that the ideas he fostered saw.

  • pistolpete

    Of course if there is a Creator of humankind----that doesn’t mean he is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omni- benevolent.

    There are actually tons of possibilities that would explain everything.

    It’s not far-fetch to believe that the Creator lived long enough to “Create” life on earth and then died.

    Just think of today how many Human Fathers and mothers are responsible for giving life and breath to their children, provide them with a home and in many cases provide them with a trust fund or insurance to care for their needs just in case they both die.

    The parents may die before the child becomes of age to understand things. These children Never meet their parents, never get to know their personalities, but the house the parents built is still in existence. They will never get to know their parents because they died long before they started to reason.

    Another scenario is that some parents have children and then abandon them and Never make contact with them because they just don’t care. They just want to be left alone and live their own life.

    Another scenario is life just happened by accident. And although mathematicians can give you and entire logical explanation that it is Near impossible for this to happen and they are correct, the fact is that ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN.

    Religious books like the Bible, the Koran, and the many stories of Jesus are simply stories written by humans to try to inspire hope to themselves and to others.

    Sensible reasoning tells us that a God who is All Powerful and REALLY CARED for all Human and animal life would never allow all the atrocities that have happened to Humans and Animals for thousands and millions of years just to prove whatever he needs to prove.

    If anything----it just proves he is limited in what he can do.

    As a human with some limited power, when I see a kitty or puppy hungry or hurt, I immediately drop everything and take care of it. When I see a human suffering, and I have the power to do something, I immediately stop everything and attend to his/her needs.

    Now I can’t believe that an All Powerful, Benevolent God that loves humankind would just stand back and watch all the atrocities that humans have committed mostly because of ignorance and lack of understanding.,_KZ_Mauthausen,_Sowjetische_Kriegsgefangene.jpg

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    It’s not far-fetch to believe that the Creator lived long enough to “Create” life on earth and then died.

    This was the basis of religion prior to the flood. Ancient scrolls reveal how the fallen angels taught that there once was a Creator God, but he emptied himself into his creation when he created everything until he was either no more, or powerless. (Doctrine of Emanations) So, by default the fallen angels were worshipped as gods since the original creator-god was supposedly missing in action.

    As more and more science makes Darwinism and naturalistic origins implausible, many are keeping a watch on secularism's embrace of "aliens" and such.

    The book Ancient Paganism is a good read on this topic.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

  • PaddyTheBaddy

    Atheist and theistic philosophers are broadly in agreement than some entity must have existence as a fundamental part of its nature. This means that it can't fail to exist. We can all fail to exist and so have a weak grip on existence. As we are all dependent upon something for our existence, it follows that some entity must have a stronger grip on existence. It must exist necessarily.

    This entity is either limited in its nature or it may be unlimited? Either way, eternal existence must be part of its makeup. If it turns out that it has certain limits, the question becomes why these limits in particular? This road tends to lead to an infinite regress of explanations with no ultimate explanation ever reached.

    The question is, could an unlimited God choose to cease to exist? As logic is part of God's nature, it would need to be logically possible for God to cease to exist for him to be able to choose it. If it is logically impossible for God not to exist, then he can't choose to cease to exist, in the same way he can't choose to make a squared circle.

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