So This is What They are Studying This Week at the Mid-Week Meeting -"Don't Give Way to Doubt"

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  • xjwsrock

    This week they finish up a chapter in the "Imitate Their Faith" book about Peter. They cover the account of Jesus walking on water. In the story Peter also walks on the water out to Jesus. Well Peter gets scared as he is walking on the water in the middle of a storm and Jesus has to save him - notice how it is described in the publication:

    He cried out: “Lord, save me!” Jesus caught him by the hand and pulled him up. Then, while still on the water’s surface, he drove home this important lesson to Peter: “You with little faith, why did you give way to doubt?”Matt. 14:30, 31
    21 “Give way to doubt”—what an apt phrase! Doubt can be a powerful, destructive force. If we yield to it, it can eat away at our faith and cause us to sink spiritually. We need to fight back vigorously! How? By keeping the right focus. If we dwell on what scares us, what discourages us, what distracts us from Jehovah and his Son, we will find our doubts growing. If we focus on Jehovah and his Son, on what they have done, are doing, and will do for those who love them, we will keep corrosive doubts at bay.

    So, Jesus wasn't just teaching Peter to trust in him. No. He was teaching people down to our day to never doubt the Faithful and Discreet Slave. HAHAHA........

    The solution to doubt? Think about something else! Think about God and Jesus. Ignore those pesky doubts!

  • steve2

    And if all those JWs who converted from other faiths had never doubted, they'd have never become JWs.

    To doubt is to be human. In fact, given how many different religious groups and claims of authority exist, it is wise and imperative to doubt. It motivates inquiry and scrutiny.

    As the JWs used to say (quote from the old "Truth" book from 1968), 'If you have the truth, you have nothing to fear from scrutinizing your beliefs, and if you don't have the truth, you owe it to yourself to scrutinize them." No emotional blackmail there. Evidently - to use that pompous word beloved of the Watchtower writers - that excerpt applies to everyone else on earth - except JWs.

  • Late Bloomer
    Late Bloomer

    Walking on water. Geez, I can't believe I used to swallow that crap.

  • zeb

    If not for the 'doubting Thomas' there would have not been a further proof of the Christ.

    For such a powerful all-knowing organisation they sure have a problem with their sense of security.

  • DesirousOfChange

    When Tony Morris or Rubberface Lett walks on water I'll be back (in a hurry).

    Otherwise...............they don't deserve any loyalty. ........[just call me] DOC

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Doubts open the door a crack to freedom from Watchtower Corporation constant demands for object loyalties to its directives. You will cease being a slave if your doubt grows strong enough and you feel you've listened to enough bull shit from them to last a life time and no need to listen anymore to such self serving interpretations of an ancients book of myths that manipulate the gullible into service.

  • stuckinarut2

    If the boreans didn't use their intellectual capabilities and "doubts", they wouldn't have been praised in the bible.....

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Isn't it just the height of irony that they're using a Bible account which in itself, by its very nature, evokes doubt of its truthfulness (walking on water? really?!) to teach a lesson on the need to not doubt?

    So anytime JWs have doubts about the Truth being true they should remember the very fantastical and dubious story of Jesus and Peter walking on water and that should help them ease their doubts? Really?! lol

  • prologos

    I could not believe all these people taking the idea of walking on water seriously. No doubt at all. None of these people can be taken seriously, they believe you can walk on water. jesus looked really like surfing in those waves. 2 things that are common here, 1)Nobody ever walked on water, 2)wt made never a prediction that came true.(snare&racket notwithstanding).

  • smiddy

    Was Thomas condemned for his lack of faith ? No he was not . And then of course is the scripture to keep testing if you are in the faith , to do so you must have a degree of doubt , otherwise you would not keep testing .

    The WT /JW religion does not want people to test their faith , to make sure of all things

    Red flags should be going up everywhere in this religion , that it smacks of being a cult.

    Don`t question us

    Don`t queery us

    Accept everything we say , and obey all that we ask of you ,even if you don`t understand the reason behind it.

    And the gullible lap it all up .

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