The Samuel Herd story may 8 wt mag

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  • waton

    I talked to this simple man once in Florida, where racial tension linger. I can see why a sympathetic worker with a proven record as pioneer would end up in the top ranks, the hope being, that his effectiveness would rub off on the enterprise.

    It shows that whoever runs wt does not count on the Governing Body to really run the enterprise.

  • venus

    It has nothing to do with someone “with a proven record as pioneer ending up in the top ranks.” If this was really the case, there were many from the Black Community equally good from their very inception, and none of them were inducted into GB. GB was taken by surprise and utter shame when Kofi Atta Annan [from the Black Community] was elected as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations in 1996. Obviously with much reluctance, after three years GB was forced to bring Samuel F. Herd (from the black community) in the year 1999.

  • waton
    GB was taken by surprise and utter shame when Kofi Atta Annan [from the Black Community] was elected as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations in 1996.

    You might be right, wt might have been reacting to the UN precedent. and: In your opinion there might have been more worthy candidates in the Black JW community than S. H.

    My observation was, that rather being a charismatic big shot, exuding confidence, domination, even in the Army, he came across as the benign influence, that what wt thought he would bring through his presence,

    He is not a governor in the governing body. Others are, because wt clearly is governed. IMHO.

  • venus


    This is equally true of women from Black Community. For example, Look at Condoleezza Rice who evaluated her own life: “I've been in enough positions to respect people with different views”—a very matured view JW GB is yet to cultivate.

  • Wild_Thing

    Does anyone know how old Samuel Herd is? What year he was born?

    The watchtower article says he was baptized 9 months after his first meeting. That kind of time frame has always amazed me. I know it was common back then, but it is still pretty amazing to me how someone can completely devote their life to living as a JW after that short of a time span.

    As for being black ... it is hard not to think that he is the "Token" of the Governing Body. He doesn't seem to have much sway or power, which also leads to the belief that he may just be there for "variety". It is kind of amazing when you think about it ... a very large percentage of their members are black. Very unusual for a denomination started by white men.

    They are growing by leaps and bounds in African countries. I wonder if the new converts truly realize they are following a group of white men ... and Herd.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't have any details other than my opinion on this, but Ted Jaracz loaded the GB with "yes-men" to do his bidding over the years when he had enough pull. So with his passing and the passing of many others, the whole thing is loaded with incapable men, relying on someone else to direct them.

  • LV101

    They're 'on stage' power mongers without human dignity, integrity, common decency, compassion (on and on) to even protect life much less the innocent.

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