The mind conditioning techniques used by Jehovah's Witness leaders to keep members loyal

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    I recall an article, or some type of writing within the JW, discussing neuro linguistic programming. Did the July WT explain, somewhat, NLP?

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    NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    Tons of info and sites on NLP, just google it.

  • HiddlesWife

    I agree with all of what you've posted Tenacious. Since you mentioned mainly corporations, it is only fitting to say that NLP does apply to WT, for it is a CORPORATION disguised as a religion. Just like these companies have done and are continuously doing to capture and keep their patrons for business, WT is doing the exact same thing to retain their parishioners (patrons) under their thumb. However, to use the Word of God as the bargaining tool to do the above and causing bad effects to countless of people's lives [i.e., blood ban, CSA, shunning, prohibitions on a number of activities (holidays, birthdays, college education, intimacies within marriages, domestic violence considered unimportant, etc.) is sacrilegious! This organization needs to be stopped, IMPO!

  • Tenacious

    My spouse is attending our regional assembly (3 day) and yesterday she excitedly texted me telling me how they are talking about Jesus non-stop. It seems that the speakers had been mentioning Jesus this and Jesus that and that it's all about Jesus.

    I replied and said that since there's a lot of studies and visitors the GB attempts to find common ground and use Jesus as bait. Then once they get comfortable with the org they'll pull the old bait-and-switch. To which she replied that no, they really are putting Jesus first and Jehovah second.

    To which I replied: "So why don't they say the same in books, magazines, publications, and JW Broadcast?"

    Her answer: "I don't know."

    End of conversation. What craziness.

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    Now I know why being an active JW felt so fucking exhausting, despite how relatively little of my time it actually took.

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