Matthew 24:34 not fulfilled in the first century

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  • MrRoboto

    Many line comments but I just want to post something short and to the point.

    Luke 21 has a parallel account, at vs 8, Jesus says "Look out that you are not misled, For many will come on the basis of my name, saying, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The due time is near.’ Do not go after them.

    Regardless of what the elder said,I hope this makes a glaringly obvious point to anyone who still pays attention to the organization and its teachings.

    Also yes, many generations have passed since the 1st century so take that however you want but "this generation" is not ever to come again.

  • lastmanstanding

    Mr robototo, you hit the nail on the head.

  • ttdtt

    Maybe the Great Teacher wasn't so Great after all.

    Seems like the most awesome Jehober and his Son have a hard time getting a clear message out?

    Just saying...

  • peacefulpete

    crazyguy: Going along with Peacfulpete, if you read about the arguments concerning Jesus at Nicea 325 you’ll find they could of answered some of these issues by just reading the gospel of John and possibly some of the other New Testament writtings. This leads me to believe that the gospel of john and other New Testament writtings were not written until after this meeting.

    Whether they were written is perhaps not as much in question as how they were viewed. Clearly not everyone regarded the 4 Gospels (as we know them to be) authoritative. So called Church Fathers often promoted versions of the stories not in the 4 Gospels. During perhaps the first 50-100 years there was a period of fairly free redaction and interpolation for these works but eventually the text became fixed through their wide distribution. The issue then became how to harmonize them and ultimately the selection of works that made that task easier to become the Canon.

  • Whynot

    Josephus documented some strange sightings, trumpet sounds, celestial objects before 70 AD. So, I don't know what he's talking about that it wasn't fulfilled.

  • TD

    What do you think?

    A secondary fulfillment must, of necessity follow the pattern set by the typical fulfillment.

    JW's have broken that pattern with the overlapping generation nonsense and in so doing they've yanked the rug out from under the whole idea.

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