The "Financial" New System of Things!

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  • Atlantis
    The "Financial" New System of Things!

    Yes, in the new system it will be "business as usual" with the Watchtower Society's financial arrangement. All those beautiful homes are to be built to make paradise complete.

    But remember, you must do your share of work or the Watchtower just might rip that beautiful home right out from under your feet, just as they did your Kingdom Hall.

    So while the rank & file work like slaves on earth or pay the consequences, the anointed governing body will be neatly stored away in heaven with Rutherford, sipping on the finest theocratic whiskey.

    In this picture of the new system, we see they will still be reading from the same old altered Watchtower literature, as they did in the old world they just left.

    1983, Good News For All Nations, pg.32

    Finances will play a big role in the reconstruction of the new system of things. Interest rates are still pending!

    Watchtower/1953/July 15th/pg.443/par.46
    46 With Satan and his wicked organization annihilated, the New World society made up of the anointed remnant, the captains or sarím now serving in official capacities and the great crowd of other sheep, later augmented by the resurrected faithful men of old, will make rapid progress in building up the new system of things on the earth. Just think; all the resources of mankind, both physical and financial, will be available for reconstruction work! The earth will be made beautiful with lovely homes for all living. People will not learn about war, but under peaceful conditions Jehovah will reissue the Edenic mandate for man and woman to multiply and fill the earth as originally given to Adam and Eve. This time a people devoted to Jehovah and governed by righteous laws enacted for this new world under the Prince of Peace will happily carry out this mandate. There will be much for everyone to do; instructors will be busy teaching those coming forth in that rising generation; building beautiful homes will require much work; also, subduing the earth and making it like the paradise garden of Eden will take work, but it will be a happy task for mankind under the perfect conditions that will then prevail.—Isa. 65:17-19, 21-23, AT.


    I retired from all of this Watchtower stuff a while back, but every now and then I put in my 2 cents worth. I appreciate all the updates on that virus going around. Many thanks!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It is interesting that they should talk of finances in their paradise. They speak about what is actually on their collective mind.

    The paradise hope is sort of OK until you start examining the actual consequences. It could be envisioned as a continuation of the existing Valium dream of many current JWs, like human automata, they do what they are told to do and wear smiley faces having no deep thoughts or emotions.

    But hey, another hundred billion dead people qualifying for resurrection?

    This would mean not only hard labour and a desperate struggle for food for the survivors of big A but a landscape dominated by the tower-block suburbs of Peking or Hong Kong spread worldwide in an attempt to fit everyone in.

    Thank goodness it's just a fantasy like all JW teachings.

    I think the last straw in my career as a Witness was when it dawned on me that the Watchtower think their paradise is going to be run on Bethel lines and with the same personnel....aaaaaaagh!

  • Atlantis

    Half banana:

    You make some good points there! I often think of how JW's would feel about having to lose their loved ones a "second" time. The first time was when their loved ones passed away in the old world.

    Then, in the new system when these loved ones are resurrected, what if they disagree with the way the Watchtower is teaching? They would have to be eliminated and the JW would then lose their loved one a second time around.

    How many JW's who passed away 40, 50, 60 years ago would agree with the policies and rubbish the Watchtower is spewing now in 2020? I know for a fact that some of the JW's I knew in the old days who have passed away, would turn over in their grave at some of the things the Watchtower is teaching now.


  • truth_b_known

    Watchtower is, has, and will always be a business. Businesses speak in business language. It doesn't surprise me in the least the would write about "finances" in their panda paradise.

    I really wish Witnesses would stop in think (in general) about what their "paradise" experience is going to be like. You think your life is restricted now? Just wait until the Watchtower is in charge of the whole planet...for eternity! How does spending your first 1,000 years of eternity breaking rocks (tearing down all the concrete structures of the "old world") and going out in field service to convert the millions of resurrected ones? Everlasting non-existence is sounding better and better every day.

  • Atlantis


    Your sharing some good information also my friend! Another thing that would bother me is how the resurrected ones would feel, about being brought up to date in the new system by a JW who is a pedophile.

    If pedo's are abusing JW children now, what's to stop them in the new system? The Watchtower would expect JW's to do the same in the new system. Call headquarters and they will handle it.

    I think I would rather kick-the-bucket in this world and be done with it. As long as I can have my coffee just before I go!


  • Iamallcool


  • WTWizard

    Jokehovianism and communism are basically exactly the same thing.

    This is why you never want to let anyone in that religion know what you are prepping for--whether it be in normal times (silver and gold) or in a crisis (an impending pandemic, which could spur widespread supply disruptions, hence stocking up on food and supplies). If Brother Hounder finds out, they might appropriate your stash for the congregation--and you get nothing.

  • waton

    A taste of things to come in wtBtS inc's controlled "paradise" can be seen in the handling of the kingdom hall property seizures, liquidations.

    These "pride of the locals" conveniently located structures were locally build and financed, often had massive financial backing from old timers, and then were turned unto liquid assts for the central Maw.

    Any "barn raising" in the supposed NW, would render such building "property of the Org" (because you used their slave labour) . you could be renting from them the house you and your neighbours build! because:

    wt doctrine is, that they are the meek that inherit the earth, that own the land you want to build on, not the down trodden wt workers.

    Somewhere wt writers slipped in the juicy details that there will be "assignments" in paradise where you will "serve"

    You can see why abusive elders just "love this idea" and enforce wt rules, now and for them forever.

    P.S. good thing that paradise earth after a 1000 years of that, will agin have 4 corners, into which the abused ones can retreat for peace.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    As a JW, I always imagined that we'd all be self sufficient in the new system and there would be no need for finances or commerce. There would be no need for human leaders as we would be perfect and without need of regulating and organizing because we would all be doing the "right thing". I never paid attention to the fact that the folks at the Watchtower have the idea that they'll be in charge. If that's the case, we'll be building houses that they approve of and painting them from a selection of approved colors.

    The one thing they never addressed is the literal reality of living for all eternity. They always seemed to focus on the early days in paradise, rebuilding and instructing resurrected ones. What about 10 years later when the work is done and the rest of eternity lies ahead?

    I was also bothered by the fact that we all came about so randomly. If our parent's had "gone to bed" a few minutes earlier or later, some other little sperm cell might have made it to the egg first and we might not even be here. Although we had no say in the matter, we were the ones who made it and if we became Jehovah's Witnesses or were resurrected, we would live for all eternity and had no choice in the matter.

  • blubberyk9

    One must wonder if WTS understand how a financial sector even works on such a global scale. What is worth or food? Salt used to be currency. It was edible and even necessary. Gold is not until or unless another entity sees it as desirable and is willing to trade for it..

    A "financial authority" would have no power if the "minions" decided they had none. It is a numbers game in the end. Do you think the scenario described by the OP would "wake" others during such a time?

    At any rate it does not sound like the WTS is planning to wait on J for their instructions. Not with those kinds of declarations!

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