JW said they are unique

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  • exjwlemming
    The Green Bay news article is BS. I personally knew of elders that used their position to book hotel rooms ahead of the posting of "approved hotels" on the information board. After the list was posted, there was a mad scramble to book rooms right after the meeting. Many would book rooms at several hotels until they learned where their friends were staying. They would then cancel the other rooms so regular R&F JWs could claim the seconds. Some would wait until a week before to make their final choice....depending upon the latest beef with a "fellow soldier in Christ" Hotels would tell you that they were fully booked. You would call back a week before the assemble and many rooms were available.
  • Tenacious

    Yes, they are unique. Unique ass**les that is.

    Take away the fear of being disciplined by the eldersand you'll have another regular Joe. Yet they are too stupid to realize it

  • Vidiot

    konceptual99 - "If Witnesses are so unselfish, thoughtful and different why is it that EVERY year the WTS has to remind people not to behave like arseholes at hotels and the convention site?"

    I guess when you're so busy being so unselfish, thoughtful, and different, it's...

    ...so much easier to forget?

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