"Natural affection" in families INCREASING -- sign of the times?

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  • Gopher

    The JW's have been preaching these are the last days ever since they started aeons ago. One of the main signs they used from the Bible is a decline in natural affection among family members.

    Such a decline is accepted as fact by many who aren't even JW's. However, when teenagers themselves are polled, the results are quite different and surprising.

    Here's a link to the article published in today's Minneapolis newspaper, and I have pasted the key part of the article below:


    High schoolers admire, rely on families, survey finds

    Ben Feller, Associated Press
    Published August 5, 2003TEEN06

    WASHINGTON -- The nation's teens have spoken: Mom and dad, you're doing just fine.

    Almost 75 percent of high school students said they get along very well, if not extremely well, with their parents or guardians, a survey finds.

    Of the rest, 23 percent called the relationship ``just OK,'' and only 3 percent said they don't get along well with their parents.

    Overall, teenagers have a lot more admiration than animosity for their family members, despite popular notions to the contrary, ``The State of Our Nation's Youth'' survey says.

    The Horatio Alger Association, which provides college scholarships and mentoring to needy students, released the annual report on youth attitudes today. Conducted in April and May, the phone survey was given to 1,055 high school students, most of them 14 to 18 years old.

    The family-friendly theme stands out among this year's findings.

    Asked how they'd like to spend more time, more teens said they would rather be with their families than hang out with friends, play sports, listen to music or do anything else.

    Teens put family members atop their list of role models - far ahead of entertainers and athletes - and more than nine in 10 said they have at least one family member to confide in.

    The teen years are a natural time for separation, but the last year has not been a normal one, said Peter Hart, whose research company wrote the report. War in Iraq, a faltering economy, scandals in business and the church - today's teens have absorbed it all, Hart said.

    ``During all of the turmoil and change, instead of isolating themselves, I think they've drawn themselves back toward family,'' Hart said. ``It's family and friends that are their support network.''

    Three in four students say they are optimistic about the country's future. ``It's almost as if they have built-in shock absorbers,'' Hart said.

    Even the disputes teens have with their parents aren't of great consequence, the survey finds. The most common argument, teens say, is over cleaning their rooms. In a boom time for bellybutton rings and tattoos, only 4 percent of fights are about student appearance.

    The findings should be encouraging to busy parents, but they also are a warning, Hart said.

    ``The kids who are in high school are telling parents, 'We're listening yo you, we care about what you think, and we'd like to spend more time with you,''' Hart said.

    Academic demands put the most stress on students, more so than family squabbles, financial worries or social pressures, the survey says.


    So -- what do you think? Are families ties as good as ever, or are they on the decline?

  • RandomTask

    I think its the JW's who have a "natural affection" problem when they are so willing to disown and treat as dead their close family members because they have been disfellowshipped, leave the religion or never were believers in the first case. This scripture applies more to THEM than anyone else.

  • Gopher

    Excellent point, Random Task! I know the sting of being shunned by JW parents who claim they are Christian and love you.

    The blame for this can be divided between the hard-hearted publishing Society that lord it over them, and the parents themselves for whom a false hope of pleasing God in this particular way is more important than family love.

    Anyone who says the WT Society doesn't break up families is ignorant or a cold-hearted liar.

  • blondie

    I was reading this article at lunch today and saying to Irreverent that it would be a good article to post. Yes, Gopher, it disproves that negative propaganda the JWs are fed at the KH. Of course, how many JWs read the newspaper?


  • Gopher
    how many JWs read the newspaper?

    That question would make an excellent thread!

    I remember that we were encouraged to use newspaper articles as "topics for discussion" in our door-to-door ministry.

    Of course, JW's would mainly read the newspaper for items that fit their worldview -- that everything is going to hell heck in a handbasket. Any positive stories like this would be viewed as unimportant.

    Just think about it -- kids actually liking their parents and wanting to hang around home? Surely that is a sign the family is rotting to the core!!! NOT....

  • blondie

    Gopher, you never hear about the articles that highlight the fact that teen pregnancy is dropping and that violent crime is decreasing.

    They strain out anything that does not support their worldview.


  • cat1759
    This scripture applies more to THEM than anyone else.

    What an excellent point. The GB must be feeling that since the end hasn't happened yet then they need to push it by disconnecting parents and children. That way the congregation thinks that the end is near. The more disfellowshippings among youths the better the society looks.

    What a smoke screen!


  • rocketman

    Shhhh....don't dare tell anyone that some things are actually getting better. You'll upset the jw notion of all things downhill since 1914. Can't have that happening now, can we?

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