Super Bowl public witnessing campaign Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

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  • wifibandit

    Dear Friends,

    The 2018 Super bowl is an event that will attract the attention of millions of people, and will draw guests from around the world. It is being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota this February 4th. During the ten days leading up to the event, there is expected to be approximately 1 million visitors who will be attending some of the events at this time.

    As a result, a special public witnessing campaign has been approved by the branch office for January 25- February 4, 2018 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. There will be many opportunities to support this campaign. Some of these include: you have publishers that have been pre-approved by your service committee who are qualified to do cart witnessing during this special event. Also, there may be additional qualified publishers who will be approached by your service committee and extended an invitation to do this cart witnessing.

    Unlike our local congregation’s cart witnessing, this event calls for those who are able bodied and capable of standing for a good amount of time, perhaps even in the cold. Unlike cart witnessing we may volunteer to serve as drivers, to provide much needed transportation and delivery of literature throughout each of the ten days leading up to the event. Besides this, there may be future assignments that will be developed. Plus, we can all have a part in praying for the success of Jehovah’s name being ever more glorified in this unique circumstance. We appreciate all your hard work and enthusiastic support.

    Your Brother,

    Kenneth Gritten


  • smiddy3

    You have to be kidding me ,is this for real ? The way the WT organization spin this ,is that the cart witnessing is a phenomenal success ,placing much literature ,starting many Bible studies and bringing hordes into the religion before the end comes.

    The reality judging by what has been demonstrated on this board since they started cart witnessing is nothing like what the GB would have you believe.

    Nobody takes any notice of them ,Oh ,except maybe an ex JW who might try to engage them in a discussion which more than likely they don`t want to do except point you to JW.Org for any questions you may have ?

    They have to be a joke right ? an embarrassing joke at that.

  • smiddy3

    Maybe they should display on their carts how they discourage competitive sports in there literature and frown on people who excel in their sport as it promotes putting individuals on a pedestal ,idol worship ,and takes away from glory and worship that should be given to Jehovah ,in their eyes.

    Completely ignoring the Christian Greek Scriptures that Jesus is the name that is given above every other name and to be worshiped .Php 2:10

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    They announced at our Meeting last night that a Special Worldwide Campaign to distribute a new tract will be taking place at the end of January for 3 weeks.

  • ttdtt


    So now whores and JWs will flood the city.

    I guess they cancel themselves out for the fun aspect of the week.

  • OrphanCrow

    Maybe Brother Kenneth could re-print this magazine so it can be displayed prominently on the carts:

  • ToesUp

    They need drivers for.... "delivery of literature throughout each of the ten days leading up to the event."

    This is too funny! They act as if everyone is taking their literature! No one even notices that they are there.

    Legends in their own minds! lol

  • nowwhat?

    Hey if the salvation army can stand out in the cold ringing the bell in December. You dumbasses can stand out there in 5 degree weather! DO THESE IDIOTS REALIZE HOW COLD IT IS IN MINNESOTA THAT TIME OF THE YEAR?!

  • sir82


    I can see it now - dozens of JWs huddled around carts while a blizzard rages, and the tourists shake their heads and wonder "Who are these idiots?"

    Meanwhile, Minneapolis hospitals are overwhelmed by frostbite cases of the JWs who don't know enough to come in out of the cold.

    Yessir, a grand witness.

  • Funchback

    In Philly, when it was cold, we did driving territory and had coffee breaks.

    There would be no way I would stay stationary in a Minnesota winter.

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