Petty Rules

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  • HereIgo

    Did your congregation have any petty man made rules? I remember the elders in my cong didn't like if a single brother and single sister walked in the parking lot together after the meeting ended, to their car. You couldn't hold the mic or give a talk without a coat (that might be a universal JW rule). No soul patches or facial hair of any kind. I have even heard some congs required that a bro wear a white dress shirt under his coat while on the platform, no other color. Thoughts?


    It Changes from Congregation to Congregation..

    Leather Dress Coats/No Leather Dress Coats..

    Cowboy Boots/No Cowboy Boots..



    It All Depends On That Congregations..

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  • Chook

    The whole JW church is FULL of petty rules , I love it when I hear them claim to be Christian, Jesus the man of two rules love God love neighbor, yet I'm sure JWs exceed the Israelites on the rules count. Israel had rules on whole blood , JWs have rules on fractions ,on components no one can pronounce let alone know what they do. Break any JW rule with a " brazen" attitude and your before the panel of executioners, brazen is their latest interpretative word. A constant changing rule procedure such as no tablets on platform,then God changed his mind, tablets now not only allowed but encouraged so as save money for the Brooklyn slush fund. Imagine the pressure on the bethel barber ,nor enough snipping ,to much snipping poor bastard.

  • blondie

    My friends in another area told me about a local needs talk where the COBOE ranted on about dyeing your hair, makeup, nail polish, high heels, straight skirts, lipstick, etc., saying it was not proper for sisters (let alone the brothers).

    The new CO and his wife came the next week and she had:

    Dyed black hair

    flaming red long fake nails

    4 inch heels

    red lipstick

    and rings on each finger


  • ShirleyW

    I know a sister who while growing up went to a Congregation in Baltimore and she said that at wedding receptions playing records (this was back in the 70's) wasn't done at JW weddings, one of the dumbest rules I've ever heard.

  • Wayward

    No sports coats (less formal than a suit coat but still dressy) until a CO showed up wearing one

    No colored dress shirts. White only. Until younger elders rebelled.

    No facial hair of any kind, not even moustaches, if you want to be an elder

    No spaghetti straps

    No open-backed dresses

    No denim skirts

    No sundresses. 'Immodest' even for very young girls.

    Nylons MUST be worn by women

    No ankle jewelry

    Two-piece bathing suits HIGHLY discouraged

  • DesirousOfChange

    Two-piece bathing suits HIGHLY discouraged

    We didn't have that rule, but I like it. I've always thought it great when women only wore one piece suits -- their bikini bottoms. . . . . Doc

  • rebelfighter


    I was never a JW that is a good thing, I also live where it is warm/hot most of the year. I am 65 and just failed pretty much the entire last half of your list. Yes I had to buy my first pair of Nylons for my daughter's wedding this past weekend, I haven't worn a pair of those things in 3 years.

  • tiki

    Can't wear shorts to summer outings, bbq's, etc....the brothers would be stumbled if they saw female legs other than the ones they were married to....

    No gum chewing in kingdom halls or assembly halls....

    A lot of ridiculousness....

  • pale.emperor

    No beards or stubble (mustache was ok though)

    No hand holding in the KH, even if you're married.

    No sitting with your arm around your partner or their chair, even if you're married.

    Must wear a suit jacket when doing the mics, or on platform (although when i visited a KH in Munich, Germany the speaker had no jacket, no tie, and short sleeved shirt).

    In another congregation there's an infamous elder that demands all speakers to wear a white shirt. He even keeps a spare white shirt in the 2nd school in case (horror of horrors) the visiting speaker turns up not wearing a white shirt.

    A few witness parties that i went to, an elder would stand by the bar keeping a tally of how many drinks each person has had then tell them when they think they've had too much.

    I got a talking to because i wore a black wedding ring (im a marilyn manson fan but they didnt know that). I told them that wedding rings themselves are pagan so in a strict sense we shouldn't be wearing them at all.

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