Request for BOE Translation!

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  • ToesUp
    All you pissed Lurkers....VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS! It's the only way you have a voice!
  • TimDrake1914

    @Khaleesi Of course they need more money. Don't you know that that $1 Billion will only cover about a month of WT expenditures? At least I'm sure that's what they will say/spin it on the next JW Broadcasting.

  • Oubliette
    Translation: It was free, but we need you to pay us back anyways!
  • Atlantis

    never a jw: Thank you for offering your help!

    cappytan: Thank you so very much for translating the BOE for us! We really appreciate your help. And as for the (last line) it can stay right there, it looks just fine!

    Many thanks everybody! (And Barbara thanks you too!)


  • cappytan

    What really bothered me was the expression "unconditional support" when referring to supporting the org.

    I've never heard that expression in English, at least in writing. Usually they say something like "continued support" or something along those lines.

    Am I wrong? Did I translate it wrong?

  • Listener
    They've already given money for these by donating to the was, now they've got to pay again.
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Wow they gave out free video equipment in Spain? ;-)

    In the Netherlands many congregations have installed a projector+screen at their own cost during the last two years.

    Because it was recommended to do so.

    And now they have to install 2 TV screens instead. Another expense, for which a separate donation box is set up. Leaving a useless projector screen in the KH ceiling.

    Only €15 per dublisher. Which prompted a single sister with kids to ask 'do I also have to pay for my kids?' (she is without a job atm).

    So I told her she doesn't have to anything!

    Btw very nice to rob the spanish dubs. A lot of they are having financial issues because they don't have jobs. Some families even share appartments?

  • vivalavida

    cappytan, you translated correctly. "Apoyo incondicional" = "unconditional support"


  • joe134cd

    I have some questions here?

    So was all the video equipment provided and payed for by the society, and now they are trying to recoup costs.


    The video equipment was provided and payed for by the R&F and now the society is trying to recoup the costs for the installation and internet for the running of this equipment. Even though it was installed and payed for at no charge by the R&F, and the internet fees are also payed for out of the congregation expenses (e.g $5000).

    So now with this €6.5 euro contribution. This now means the society now takes on the responsibility of installing and paying for the internet, if new video equipment is needed.

  • ToesUp

    "Btw very nice to rob the spanish dubs. A lot of they are having financial issues because they don't have jobs. Some families even share appartments?"

    They DON'T care! When we were going through a rough patch financially, they still came to us to take the speaker and his family out to dinner. They just don't get it. The Elders don't understand until they themselves have to go through it. This was our final straw! Hopefully, others are starting to see it also.

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