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  • pepperheart

    Hi ive heard a romour that any JWs that want a printed copy of the new song book to use at the KH will have to order one otherwise they will not get one.Ithink they are trying to make people use tablets to view the song book. As the new songbook is only 154 pages is this yet another money saving event in the borg

  • Mozzie

    Yes it is true, the org is trying to cut back in the literature department, so if you want one, you have to see your group elder dude to order one apparently..This is an attempt to get people to take advantage of the download options on their website..Or you can download it here

  • scratchme1010

    ...or just sing whatever you feel like singing.

  • blondie

    So things must be looking up in the 3rd world countries if they can afford tablets.......

  • prologos

    they project the lyrics on the kh screens now, so even a tablet is not needed.

  • blondie

    I wonder how many jws can read music any more?

  • sir82

    Yes the field service group overseers are supposed to ask all in their group if they want a printed copy or not, and then an order is placed based on how many in the congregation want one.

    They're not supposed to "discourage" people from requesting a print copy, but they are supposed to "encourage" them to remember that they can get the new songbook online.

  • blondie

    Elder: Brother/Sister Sheep if you don't get print copy but use it on your tablet think of all the money you will save the Society to use to further the preaching work (Blondie: of course, the person has to buy a tablet for each family member, who ever shared a songbook) Pretty soon, the organization can sell all their printing machinery.

    (My question, how do poor jws afford a tablet, in the US or other countries?)

  • WTWizard

    How can anyone afford a tablet if they are supposed to throw away any "extra" money? Tablets are not cheap, especially if you want one that is going to last. You might get a good deal on a "last year" model (if it doesn't come with software that directs it to not work). But, data plans are not cheap. You will probably need SD sticks of some sort, and those micro SD cards are easier to lose than the full size ones.

    And what do most jokehovians know about how to take care of one? Nothing. They need to learn to use the features. Someone that is 20 or so will be able to learn that without much problem, but try telling someone that is 98 and always against these devices to learn to use the browser or the reader. And how to charge one? Do it wrong, and you shorten the battery life drastically (and they are not easily changeable NiMH batteries, either). And the screen? Touch screens get dirty--that cannot be avoided.

    As for the lame excuse of music, it is not worth singing. I would rather not have either tablet version or hard copy version, because singing Kingdumb maladies puts a bad vibration on the astral that damns your soul and that of the whole world (and, if you are singing them, you share at least a little of the blame for contributing psychic power to this Internet II thing coming). As I see it, no one should be singing those new Kingdumb maladies--even lip synching it can be dangerous.

  • startingover

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