Who's getting the money donated for building and remodeling?

by oppostate 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • wifibandit

    They came from https://watchtowerbrooklynrealestate.com/ , view the gallery for each property. The videos are the first thing.

    I recognize some of the Bethelites they used. 100% sure it is a Watchtower production.

  • sparky1

    'Maybe we can sell some poor sucker the Brooklyn Bridge on our way out of town.......it couldn't hurt to try!'

  • dbq407
    Just watched the video on the Towers and its hard to believe they would make a video portraying the towers like that. Looks like they are appealing to the well off with a fancy gull wing sports car in the video, women getting photographed, expensive dinners etc. They should show that video at mid week meeting.
  • SafeAtHome

    Yeah, they should show that at the midweek meeting right before they ask for the kids ice cream money.🍦

  • TheListener

    Where is everyone's tablet in the African pictures?

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