Where are they now?

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  • Xanthippe
    What about the reply Jehovah`s Witness Organization gave to the ARC 70 or so recommendations they needed to conform to ? They challenged every one of them , how is that going ?

    The ARC is continuing for another two or three years investigating the policies of child safeguarding of religious and other organisations including schools. When the ARC has completed its investigations it will report its findings and recommendations to the government.
  • freddo

    The millstone wheels of the ARC will grind slowly but I believe they will grind fine.

    Justice McLellan did say last summer that the investigation would take another two and a half years. They are working their way through.

  • stuckinarut2

    Where are they?

    They are sitting pretty within the walls of the bethels they are at (Australia and the U.S.) being praised for their efforts.

    After all, they have had to put up with the vicious and slanderous accusations of evil apostates who have twisted the facts about their wonderful testimony and the wonderful assistance they provided the ARC.

    They sit with a clean conscience knowing that they did nothing wrong...they were not misleading or deceitful in their appearances. They never used theocratic warfare, or dodged the questioning aimed at them.

    (sarcasm alert)

  • AudeSapere

    Listener quoted ARC: 418 Mr Toole should accordingly be referred to the Law Society of New South Wales for possible investigation.

    Thank you for the reference.

    That comment states that he 'should' be referred for possible investigation. Not that it has necessarily happened yet.

    But I trust that the ARC gets done what needs to get done.

    Thank you again.

  • Finkelstein

    Hopefully behind bars soon for hiding and covering up situations of child sexual abuse with the JW organization.

    Lying corrupt opportunist who cultivated a mountain of money and power via religious and pretentious virtue.

  • zeb

    Watching Tool face questioning gave me the impression as you Americans say of "a deer caught in the headlights".

    My guess he will probably retire on retirement insurance his org told all others not to sign up to.

  • lettersfromthevoid
    No one in the US bethel knows any of this took place. I dont think more than a handfull of witnesses in Austrailia know either, not even in the congregation these guys go to. This is causing no stir whatsoever in the jw org. Maybe over the next 30 or 40 years a trickle might get through to some educated fringe jws, but this has made no splash whatsoever among the ignorant faithful.
  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I was actually sorry to see Vincent Toole caught up in all this to be honest.

    Maybe its just nostalgic memories from a kids point of view but out of all the C.O.'s I ever had ( and I had a lot due to moving around a lot while growing up) he was by far my favourite. I remember him from the mid 80's as intelligent and charismatic and the guy gave great talks.

    Those from Australia might recall an audio tape of a public talk that did the rounds back in the day called 'The master craftsman' that Vincent Toole gave. It was an interesting historical talk based around the blending of paganism and Christianity.

    I hardly recognised him on the ARC vids.

  • exwitness2
    I thought he was so pathetic when asked by Stewart, whether he had ever done any cases involving non-Jehovah's Witnesses and he said "No". He looked like the insular narrow minded lawyer that he was. Stewart didn't need to say anything because he just put his foot in it as being from a weird and cultlike religion. It was priceless. He also stated that his university training was paid for by Watchtower.
  • steve2

    lettersfromthevoid wrote:

    No one in the US bethel knows any of this took place. I dont think more than a handfull of witnesses in Austrailia know either, not even in the congregation these guys go to. This is causing no stir whatsoever in the jw org.

    Talk about sweeping statements one after the other!

    Let me say that my still-in family in New Zealand know about it as do several other JWs in good standing in ths country. And there have been several new posters in Australia who know about it and were moved to post on this forum. Australian Paul from jwfacts.com has also reported that there has been a surge of interest in his website since the Royal Commission Inquiry questioned Jackson last July.

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