Mike Tyson, misunderstood or misanthropic ass#@!&

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  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    I was watching one of the sports chanels the other day and saw an hour long story on Mr. Tyson. There were several segments showing different prefight interviews. His behavior at these gatherings was incorrigable. I must admit that my opinion of Tyson had been greatly effected by his criminal convictions. I don't feel it is right for criminals to have a prominent position in the public eye. How they ever allowed him to fight professionaly again after the ear biting incident is beyond me. He made the news today, seems he's broke and seeking chapter 11 protection. I know he didn't spend all his money on "finishing school".

    I understand that a prize fighter needs to have somewhat of a "killer instinct" but Mr. Tyson has taken those instincts to the nth degree. Ho was videotaped on several ocasions attacking opponents during news conferences. More of the story showed him swearing at the media and threatening to sodomize some of the reporters. At one point he even made the statement that he wanted to "eat their children".

    When is enough enough? If I had a dog that vicious, I would put it down without a second thought. Mr. Tyson's behavior is reprehensible, not much different from that of a junk yard dog. I can honestly think of nothing to be gained from his continued existence as a celebrity figure. He needs to be smacked down hard and swept under the carpet.

    What kind of messages are we sending our youth when animals like him are making millions of dollars, entertaining a small segment of the population. How many violent crimes commited, sentences served, or victims hurt, before his behavior is rewarded in kind? How does one get away with what he has done? His propensiity to re-offend has been proven for all to see. Why is he not is some cell somewhere under lock and key?

    Is he some misunderstood soul with emotional scars from past abuses commited on him? Did his father beat him, was he molested or tortured in his childhood? Maybe so, but that is no excuse for his antisocial behavior to be acceptable. More likely I think he's just another ass#*[email protected] with more braun than brains. A misanthropic waste of skin, that society will have to hear about for the rest of his miserable life. He displays to the public only hatred and violence. I have yet to see in him any redeming qualities. Perhaps he saves that side of him for his family. I honestly hope so, because the thought that he and I are breathing the same air is repulsive to me.

    If you hadn't noticed, I don't like Mike.

    What do you think?


  • MrsQ

    Mike Tyson, you see, is a 'celebrity'.

    In the United States of America, celebrities are free to do whatever they wish, with only a small fine and perhaps some community service to live up to. R. Kelly. OJ. Wynona. Charlie Sheen. Look at Robert Downey, Jr. for crying out loud! If that guy lwas from the inner city, he'd be in prison for 3 lifetimes! Oh, the list can go on and on.

    Sad, but true.


  • dubla

    money talks, period. as long as mike isnt in jail, and he still wants to fight, there will be a venue and an opponent available. the bottom line is, no matter what tyson does, he is still by far the biggest draw in boxing....people want to watch him, and will pay good money to do so. i cant tell you how many times ive watched a tyson fight and listened to numerous people talking about how much they hate iron mike.........yet there they are watching the fight. so, every time he enters the ring, not only does he have his hoards of fans waiting for the next big knockout punch, but he also has his millions of haters waiting for his next blunder.......and theyre all beefing up the ratings and keeping mike in the spotlight.


  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Drs.Q and Dubla,

    Your responses speak to the fact that our society is in a piss poor state. Would that we demanded more ot those we choose to idolize.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I really don't know why we keep giving this convicted rapists any publicity in the first place. Why don't we all let him crawl back into his hole and forget about him.


  • shamus

    Mike Tyson is a total freak, end of discussion. Anyone who takes him seriously should have his / her head examined.

    I love his new tatoo's. Real sexy on his face...

  • gumby

    Money talks....... pretty much sums up Mike Tyson.

    I really liked him when he first started out with Rooney. He lost to Douglas real bad and what he had was lost. He didn't do to well with that idea especially after showing vulnerability after that. Mabe the media made him a tad crazy.........but I doubt it. I think his simply one of those guys who has a screw loose that needs tightened in the anger management dept.

    So Thunder..........do you think on a good day.......you could kick Mikes arse?


  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider
    So Thunder..........do you think on a good day.......you could kick Mikes arse?

    Gumby, Good day, bad day, thats why God created swords, great equalizers! Besides I wouldn't want him to bruise my pretty face, Sheila would never stand for that.



  • teejay

    You don't have to be a rich, out-of-control boxer to be an ass#@!&.

    One thing I'll say is that the very thing that he's blasted about is the same thing that gets him all the attention and the big bucks.

    Personally, I feel sorry for the dude.

  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan


    Unfortunately, the worlds of sports and entertainment are not morally guided. Unfortunately, the media doesn't make the distinction between financial success with moral success. As long as a celebrity is making hits and contributing to a charity - all else can be forgiven, even biting the ear off a competitor.

    I'm glad Tyson went broke, guys like him don't deserve to keep all that money.

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