JW eBay Feedback Comment "Time Is Running Out!"

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  • pale.emperor

    So i did a huge book clearout before i moved house a few weeks ago. Among the books for sale were some Watchtower books that had become obsolete, old light or had since been "clarified" by the society. So i thought they'd be wanted by ex-JW's or active apostates for their research.

    Unfortunately, it looks like an active JW is so brainwashed that they not only bought the "old light" version of Gods Kingdom Rules but they even suggested that i read it because "time is running out". I held back my retort. I mean, what does one say to a comment like that?

  • tiki

    Say "amazing...just amazing" with a slow sad shake of the head...

  • tiki

    It truly is hard to understand how one reading a book might have an effect on the end of time. Time running out. So time in itself had a start point and has a foreordained stop point? Amazing concept.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I think that so funny, this brain washed Witness can only read certain books published by his beloved organization, by buying them on " Eaby"

    Maybe upon receiving the book " Gods Kingdom Rules" and reading the contents he will awaken.

  • scratchme1010

    what does one say to a comment like that?

    Personally I say nothing. There's no point in talking to a person who is more than happy to start a conversation about something you have no interest in hearing about. Saying anything to that person will not have any positive outcome.

    It is obvious that you're getting rid of your books, so if the person isn't capable of understanding anything, why bother? Besides, if your sole purpose is to sell the books, who cares where they end up?

  • sparky1

    Typical Jehovah's Witness self satisfied, myopic, subjective opinion masquerading as fact!

    "Excellent book" :subjective opinion; others may find it to be trash and worthless.

    "Should have read it yourself": subjective opinion; unless you directly stated that you have never read the publication the person is actually making an untrue accusation.

    "Time is running out": subjective opinion; what time is running out and for whom? Where is the objective evidence and what is the criteria for the statement that 'time is running out'?

    The average Jehovah's Witness is absolutely, positively convinced that they each have the unequivocal truth about life and the future. Then when their Governing Body makes a complete 180 degree turn on dogma and articles of faith, they still cling to the indefensible stance that they alone have the market cornered on 'truth'. A sad commentary on the human condition, indeed.

  • pale.emperor

    "should have read it yourself" was a little insulting. It's exactly because i read it myself, along with the other trash they printed over the years, that i wanted to leave.

  • steve2

    You: "I'm selling it because I am only interested the very latest "new light."

  • Worldling9

    I bought a few old JW books on Ebay to use in my collage work. One of them has areas of underlining and angry remarks in the margins. It looks to be an elderly person's handwriting...I guess maybe somebody finally woke up?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i suppose i should have ebay'd my late fathers collection of watchtower garbage. he must have had a copy of every magazine going back over the last 50 odd years. all filed neatly in old corn flake type boxes. i found them stashed all over his house.

    all went into landfill.

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