It is 5am and I still can't sleep. Contemplating life, doing research on religion, world history, science...

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  • stuckinarut2

    Lisa Rose:It's hard at first when your whole world view changes so quickly, but I would never go back to believing in fairy tales, no matter how comforting

    Great words indeed! Just because someone WANTS so desperately to believe in a fairy tale, DOES NOT make it come true....

  • Harvard Illiterate 411
    Harvard Illiterate 411
    Hi Stepfordwife I always enjoy your threads. Really. Please keep posting.
  • Heaven
    One thing I have learned is that in order to have Faith, one must abandon logic, reason, and honesty. I am unable to do this. I am not built this way.
  • baker
    And the horror or your situation and a lot of us out here is that after your husband wakes up, he will get out Studies in the Scriptures and read to you and expect a comment. I don't want to argue early, so I change the subject, like talk about the neighbor mormons, how they seem to go to their Kingdom Hall quite a lot and aren't you glad we don't. He loves to talk about the neighbors, but says they don't have a kingdom hall. Once off the subject from the Studies junk, you can talk about normal stuff and money or something.

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