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  • pseudoxristos

    From a Witness Group on Yahoo.

    We know that we don't talk to Jesus
    we wouldn't talk to any of the other angels or
    demons......It has been mentioned that anything
    we want to say about Jesus/angels, we ask Jehovah
    to tell it for us.

    For example, when we mention gratefulness for the
    ransom sacrifice of Jesus, we tell Jehovah thru
    Jesus, then Jehovah in turn tells his son.

    Same with angels - we can tell Jehovah how much
    we appreciate them for whatever we want to
    mention. He in turn will intercede for us and
    tell them.

    Remember the # 3 talk last week about Mary being
    intercessor? I had the part. No way is this done
    by her. Jehovah is the only one that can
    relay/intercede putting in his words what we have
    asked him to tell them.

    Please look up the word 'intercessor'.

    We can ask Jehovah for his holy spirit to
    interpret what is in our hearts, whenever we fail
    for words to express ourselves on how we feel.
    So I figure Jehovah can tell Jesus and the angels
    more beautifully how my heart feels about them.

    Just recently it was mentioned about: do we thank
    abd appreciate Jesus for his ransom sacrifice, in
    our prayers.

    Say What???

    What kind of drugs are these people taking?


  • gumby

    The witnesses believe that you talk directly to old man Jehovah......but somehow since Jesus is high priest who offers their prayers to Jehovah......he somehow gets the message BEFORE Jehovah does.......then he passes it on to Jehovah. So really.......according to the dubs OWN teaching.....Jesus hears their prayers BEFORE Jehovah does. I guess poor Jehovah DOES have his limits!


  • avengers
    we tell Jehovah thru
    Jesus, then Jehovah in turn tells his son.

    What do they use? Bullhorns?


  • Satanus

    Crazy. I can't believe that i used to believe that stuff. *shaking head* And they ridicule the catholics.


  • SYN
    Please look up the word 'intercessor'.

    That's disgusting

  • Sargon

    when we mention gratefulness
    Spelling like this always reminds me of Gerry Garcia and the boys, not Jehovah, Jesus and the G.B.

  • pseudoxristos

    A typical response from another Witness.

    We are not to talk to angels, and the GOOD ones do not want us to talk to them.

    That is a very good reason why we do not know any of the names of the billions of angles that exist with the extreme exception of simply two: Jesus [Michael] and Gabriel.

    Remember the account of Jehovah's servant wrestling with the angel all night and asking him his name? He never got it out of him.

    We do not even know Satan's name. "Satan" is not his name. It is a title, much like "Devil" that was given to him after his fall into disobedience.

    We have no business talking to angels. We don't even have any business talking to Jesus Christ! How much more so would we not want to direct any of our comments to lesser angels or even to former humans whom we may have known who are now in the heavens.

    One... one single being in the entire universe is the Hearer of Prayer. He has delegated a tremendous amount of His work to his son and the angels and the ressurected annoited, but Jehovah has never, ever passed on his UNIQUE position as the Hearer of Prayer.

    That alone is enough to meditate on for hours!

    uhm...I wonder how they twist this scritpure?

    59 While they were stoning Stephen, he prayed, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit."

    Acts 7:59 (NRSV)


  • pseudoxristos

    deleted double post.


  • micheal
    That alone is enough to meditate on for hours!

    Someone please pass the beer and doritos I need to meditate for hours about this one.

  • ninecharger

    Dumby, and other honeys -

    Christ don't intercede for anybody who ain't of the anointed - THE WATCHTOWER SAID THIS!!!! If you don't keep up on your babble study I will be spankin' yawll!!

    Gawdlmighty, this is turnin' into a porno fest! (Now Ah knows why I was warned about the "voiceofstrangers..".)

    Nine (Not "Nein!")


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