Petting Tigers: My Life as a Witness of Jehovah Shelley Smith Jones

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    Shelley Smith Jones’ memoir, “Petting Tigers: My Life as a Witness of Jehovah,” is a finalist in the Creative Nonfiction category of the High Plains Book Awards. The title is taken from an appealing vision of Paradise that Smith Jones saw in a Jehovah Witness book when she was a child. It promised a paradise where the saved would play with tamed — previously wild — animals, and young Shelley dreamed of a heaven where she would pet the orange and black stripes of a tiger. Petting Tigers proceeds to detail Smith Jones’ life as a child, teenager, mother, and wife within the constraints of a religion variously called the Organization, the Truth, or Jehovah’s Witness, the...

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    Thanks Blondie!


  • eyeuse2badub

    Ms. Jones could very well be echoing the agony of all of us that grew up as jw's imagining that we would one day play on the "apture of a cobra"! lol

    just saying!

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