Why Aren`t Active JW`s concerned about WT/JW`s /GB`s ,Revisions of their Own Early History Of C.T.Russell ?

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  • smiddy3

    I was just thinking about a couple of JW`s who came to my door a few weeks ago and they had no idea who Charles Taze Russell was one woman was in her 40`s and the other was in her late 20`s if i`m any judge of female ages.

    And neither of them had any idea of the religions early history or what they taught and what they believed in back then.

    And one of the main reasons for that I believe is because the WT?JW religion continually revise their past history according to whatever the current beliefs are held.

    If you compare what was believed and taught back in the 1880`s with what is believed and taught today you would find no comparison.

    It has completely changed ,sometimes in a subtle way,but no the less changed.

    The excuse of "the light is getting brighter and brighter as the day draws near " doesn`t cut it when you consider they stick to the I.B.S.A. not the Jehovah`s Witnesses , were chosen as approved by Jesus Christ as the "Faithful and Discreet Slave Class" in 1919 for what they believed and taught back then as the I.B.S.A. and not the Jehovah`s Witnesses.

    And now the Jehovah`s Witnesses today do not believe what the International Bible Students Association taught and believed back then in 1919..

    So how could Jehovah`s witnesses today be approved by Jehovah / Christ Jesus as the Faithful and Discreet Slave Class when they reject what was approved in 1919 ? by God and Jesus with the I.B.S.A.

  • blondie

    smiddy3, in a WT study article in 2017 the WTS said the following. This is proof that jws do not really read, study or listen at the weekly WT study. The WTS mentions Russell, several times each year, I checked only back to 2006. When the history book Proclaimers was published in 1993, required readings from the book were scheduled on the theocratic ministry school each week. Since then, there is no incentive for jws to read that book. (Most jws today cannot explain the WT teaching of 1914 or overlapping generations. History has even less meaning to them.



    8 In the late 19th century, Charles Taze Russell and some of his associates endeavored to reestablish true Christian worship. To help them disseminate Bible truth in various languages, Zion’s Watch Tower Tract Society was legally incorporated in 1884, with Brother Russell as president.* He was an outstanding student of the Bible, and he fearlessly exposed as false such doctrines as the Trinity and the immortality of the soul. He discerned that Christ would return invisibly and that “the appointed times of the nations” would end in 1914. (Luke 21:24) Brother Russell devoted his time, energy, and money unsparingly to share these truths with others. Clearly, at that pivotal time, Brother Russell was used by Jehovah and the head of the congregation.

    9 Brother Russell did not seek glory from humans. In 1896, he wrote: “We want no homage, no reverence, for ourselves or our writings; nor do we wish to be called Reverend or Rabbi. Nor do we wish that any should be called by our name.” He later stated: “This is not man’s work.”

    10. (a) When did Jesus appoint “the faithful and discreet slave”? (b) Relate how the Governing Body has been progressively distinguished from the Watch Tower Society.

    10 In 1919, three years after Brother Russell’s death, Jesus appointed “the faithful and discreet slave.” For what purpose? To give his domestics “food at the proper time.” (Matt. 24:45) Even in those early years, a small group of anointed brothers who served at headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, prepared and distributed spiritual food to Jesus’ followers

  • stillin

    Isn't that the same thing, in principle, as other religions having "pagan roots?"

  • nowwhat?

    I was given a narrative that the bible students correctly predicted that Christ's presense would begin in 1914. When actually they taught that the last days began in 1799. Christ's presence began in 1874. And the end would come in 1914. Not the beginning of the end!

  • zeb



  • rickroll

    Most do not know it and don't want to know it. They are happy to only know what the GB pukes out to them at any given time.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS/JWS has been very evasive to its past teaching, particularly about C T Russell.

    I was a JWS for more than 20 years and not once did I read anything about Pyramidology to calculate 1874 and 1914.

    What crooked Rutherford did in 1919 announcing god choose him and the IBSA was just a self supporting selling proclamation to attract people to (His) organization and the literature he was going to publish.

    Dam it it worked !

    Hey did that Jesus guy ever show up ?

  • peacefulpete

    Brother Russell? not Pastor Russell? There's a lot of revisioning in the change of one word.

  • Vidiot
    stillin - "Isn't that the same thing, in principle, as other religions having 'pagan roots'?"

    I remember the first time I realized that, too.

  • Finkelstein

    Really when you think about it from a theological perspective the IBSA and the JWS have their foundational doctrinal roots in scriptural apostasy.

    Date setting, making grandiose proclamations that god had chosen them specifically etc.

    Creating false doctrines that instigated the deaths of thousands , the doctrines of separation from which many families were destroyed, the list goes on.

    The JWS religion could be used as an example of the dire consequences humanity suffers by being subservient followers of men who self proclaim they have the power of god in their hands.

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