Another WT quote taken out of context from Author

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I wouldn't say the quote was taken out of context. The purpose of the quote was to lend credence to the idea that humans have special abilities that other animals lack. I think that all evolutionary biologists will agree with that. It is not like they were attempting to suggest that the textbook promotes creation or is anti-evolution. This is not like the quotes in the Creation book where they chopped up quotes and took them out of context to make it seem like the scientists were doubting evolution. I think the quote made here was fair.

    But I would say that they were a bit sneaky in not stating the source for fear that JWs would find the actual book and read it. I would also say that the quote shows Watchtower's intellectual dishonesty in the way it cherry-picks information quoting only what suits its purpose while ignoring, discrediting and denying what doesn't. It's a remarkable example of cherry picking information. But I wouldn't say it is out of context.

  • JWdaughter

    The author was made that statement, and the statements surrounding it clarified the meaning and also provides the foundation and context to the statement under discussion, but that's just my opinion. It truly is intellectually dishonest to quote the statements as authoritative when they would deny the author attribution because the science book, the very PARAGRAPH from which they are quoting, goes against their teachings.

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