The perfect answer if you get asked to go to the memorial

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  • Hairtrigger

    "We invite you to attend the memorial of the death of Jesus Christ"

    What do you guys do there?

    "We honor the death of Jesus as he has asked us to do"

    Did he ask you guys to honor pedophiles too?

    " Of course not. Why do you bring up that question"

    Because your organization protects pedophiles ..that is elders and others ..with your "two witness" rule.

    "And where did you get that information?"

    From court douments in the UK, Australia, and a host of other countries.Not the least the US of A.

    "Oh I don't have that information".

    Convenient . Tell me are you married?



    "Yes two"

    Has anybody, your children who live with you included ever witnessed you and your wifes intimacies? I don't want to seem crude but I'm trying to make a point here so bear with me.

    "Of course not."

    Then no "two witnesses" exist who can testify that you and your wife have ever had sex. Why ? Because sex is a private act, unless you are in the porn industry.

    How do you people expect a child to produce two witnesses who have seen him/her raped by an adult ? Do pedophiles have two man audiences when they are perpetrating their evil deeds?

    "No . Definitely not."

    So then. Why do your leaders protect the thousands of pedophiles within your org. With the "two witness" rule? A rule given to you by your God yu say?

    "Yes It is from our holy book The Bible. But there must be some explanation about that , some more details about the "two witness" rule that we are following of which I am not aware of at the moment". I feel you have been misinformed about our organization."

    NO my good man It is you who is misinformed. Now as for your invitation. I'll start attending the memorial of your man jesus whose god is Jehova as is yours- when you come back with a justifiable answer as to why yu protect pedophiles..and in effect your god and his son jesus since he made that rule..with a rule that has no relevance in this modern world? There are policing methods that can establish rape quickly if the victim is allowed to be examined by a medical professional immediately after the attack but your organization prevents that from happening by encouraging victims and their parents to be quiet about it and wait on Jehovah.

    "I don't believe this. Where do you get all this information from"

    I've already given you that answer. Do some research into your organization's policies and the come back and we'll discuss this. If you come back soon enough with some satisfactory answers maybe we could go to the memorial together.

    A sick smile and he disappears into the afternoon sun...

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