More Crazy Cart Witnessing

by HappyDad 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • HappyDad

    I just saw this picture on a JW Facebook page. I'm just shaking my head at what lengths they will go to just to count time.

  • tiki

    Seriously??? That has got to be someones idea of humor.....cannot be for real...

  • john.prestor

    Looks like an excuse to chill on the beach. I like their style.

  • sparky1

    The only accessory that the cart is missing is a cup holder for the official drink of Jehovah's Witnesses.........SCOTCH AND WATER ON THE ROCKS!

  • jookbeard


  • jeffdavis

    This is actually good. They are not really preaching and knocking on doors. It will make them shrivel up even more. Good ridden to a shit hold cult.

  • careful

    SERIOUSLY out-of-uniform! What would Gerrit Lösch think?

  • waton

    cupholders are on the chairs, and the recycling bin is conveniently close.

    Actually Jesus was recruiting on the beach too. 'where the boys are".

  • WingCommander

    Did you hear about Brother & Sister Moneyouttheazz? Why, they've moved south to "serve the where the need is greater."

    Seen this a good bit with those nearing retirement age. Coast of the Carolina's mostly. Huge homes with pools and large decks. Always the Elduh's with some sort of construction business. Sells it off, goes where the "need is greater" to retire and live like a King, in the "remaining System of Things."

  • sir82

    From the angle of the sun & language on the cart, and beachhouse architecture, that looks like it's a US East coast beach around 7:30 - 8:00 AM.

    So, yeah, setting up a cart on a likely deserted beach is every bit as effective as walking around on a weekday morning knocking on doors of houses which are 90% unoccupied.

    Nothing conveys "urgent life saving work" like sitting in a beach chair.

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