Who writes Awake! ?

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  • Drwho

    Because a jw claims that the GB writes it , and I want to prove otherwise .

  • LostGeneration




    12 It is good for us to consider the work that is involved in making sure that we receive this regular flow of healthy spiritual provisions. The Writing Committee of the Governing Body oversees the process of researching, writing, proofreading, illustrating, and translating our printed publications as well as material posted on our Web site. Printing branches ship literature to congregations near and far. Why is all this work done? So that Jehovah’s people are well-fed spiritually. (Isa. 65:13) May we be diligent in partaking of all the spiritual food we receive through Jehovah’s organization.Ps. 119:27.

  • 2+2=5

    I believe they home a large group of Manatees in a giant tank, along with balls that have words etched on them. Some balls have scriptures and the Manatees just pick up balls at random. The words and scriptures found on the balls become the article that goes to print.

    This has always been the WTS method for forming the Awake!!! magazine.

  • keinlezard

    Hello From France :)

    officially as someone copy here it's a comitee then the GB.

    But I remember that I was surprised by opposite Ideas in publications. I think now that in fact first the publication are wrote by anonymous jw and after a member of the GB validate or not.

    Another possibility is anonymous writers are pro Morris or pro Lett then when a publication must be validate these anonymous ask to his master to validate it.

    It's the only way I could explain what I was feeling when I read some of this shit.


  • TheWonderofYou

    In the latest Sept 2016-JW-broadcasting edition starting at 28:00 reports about the former and todays work at the Art Department that is under direction of the Writing Committee.

    There are many informations about how the work is organised and illustrations and texts are discussed before print. You even see the sisters and brothers working there now in the Departments.

  • fokyc

    Eric Beveridge used to photograph a lot of the pictures.


    His brother was an elder in a UK cong.

  • Listener

    Dr Who, your friend has made a reasonable assumption. Look at all the material written by Russell and then Rutherford. Now there are 8 GB members you would think they would have more than enough man power to write the little material they are producing these days.


    Not all AWake article are written by the GB - Many are contributed by designated assistants. Barbara Anderson wrote Awake articles if I am not mistaken/

  • sparky1

    I don't know who writes the AWAKE magazine, but I am pretty sure that this photo is a group shot of the translation committee of the NEW WORLD TRANSLATION BIBLE revised edition.

  • sir82

    The Writing Dept. writes all literature. It is "overseen" by the GB, but I'm reasonably certain no GB member has written anything for at least 20 years, probably longer.

    Based on their TV appearances. I doubt any of the current GB is capable of stringing together more than 2 coherent written sentences.

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