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  • Giordano

    "Silence is the language God speaks and everything else is a bad translation."

    Thomas Keating

    Hopefully that will be all anyone needs to make their way through life successfully.

  • dgeero

    You said the bible cannot give you ANY REASON to believe it, well the bible says that the Earth is a circle, do you not believe that?

    That's exactly more reason NOT to believe the Bible. The Earth isn't a circle it's a sphere. There is a word for sphere and whoever wrote the verse said circle. The Bible also refers to the Earth as having 4 corners. So the Bible describes the Earth as a round square. Yeah great book to base your life on
  • Freeandclear

    I used to think the bible was god's inspired word, partly because of the "wisdom" in such books as Proverbs and Psalms. However, I was a very young man then.

    Now I'm 44 and to be honest, when reading through these books of the bible now, none of the "wisdom" found there seems to be "God given". Any human who lives a long life comes to certain conclusions about live and how to treat others. So in reality, ANY human who is a thinking person and pays attention to situations in his/her life and how his/her actions affect others will come to these same conclusions about "wisdom" as found in the bible.

    I know I myself have come to my own conclusions about how to treat people with kindness and integrity, all on my own, it's been proven to my through my past failures, and I've seen those former ways of dealing with others as ineffective, thus my own "wisdom" came through and I now follow that course.

    Thus now I see that none of the wisdom found in the bible is "God given" it's merely the normal conclusions of thoughtful older men.

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