09-2019 Monthly Broadcast

by Solzhenitsyn 6 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Solzhenitsyn

    Underwhelming as usual.

    Of note is the ridiculous amount of time spent encouraging the R&F to "do the math" on various chronologies.

    Oh if only they would do the math from their own publications on the error of 607/1914. I'd love to be around when/if that village burns down.

  • smiddy3

    Didn`t the I.B.S.A. the precursor to the J.W.religion state that six thousand years of human history ended in the late 1870`s ?

    And then the J.W.`s announced that the six thousand years of human history would end in 1975 ?

    So much for their maths.

    Not to mention all of there other dates of prophecy that turned out to be in error .

  • sir82


    I love how all those "starting point" dates are so "rock solid".

    Yes, per the dear leaders, the entire earth was fully submerged under water in exactly the year 2370 BC.

    And the 350,000+ species of beetles alive today all evolved from one beetle "kind" on the ark. That's some speedy evolution - 350,000 species branching off from one pair of beetles in 4000 years.

    Or maybe Noah had 350,000 pairs of beetles in the ark....Careful - don't swat it! Just let'em crawl on your food.

  • eyeuse2badub

    The wt leaders don't use mathematics but they do use math-magic! They have used magic formulas to calculate events that are based on mythical starting dates while employing the Hebrew calendar year of 360 days and magically converting to the Gregorian calendar of 365 1/4 days. It requires a lot of mental gymnastics but if you do the math, using wt colored glasses, you will arrive at whatever date needed! It's simply magic!

    just saying!

  • waton

    key text for the month Acts:1:7 "It is not given to you to understand times and seasons. "

    All old books are removed from kh libraries, so current timing questions? sequences?

    wt current doctrine present (anointed) generation dies then the end.

    biblical sequence: the end first, then the generation passes away. The end happens, while the generation has not passed away yet.

  • iwantoutnow

    sir82 - I said that for years!

    WT is in fact promoting the most aggressive form of Evolution ever conceived :)

    And if that were the case - we would see NEW types of animals EVERY DAY!

    My cat would probably give birth to a new cat during its life!

  • tiki

    Lets face it folks....its the cult of the clueless.

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