Severe Forest Fires in Western Canada

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    I saw a very haunting picture on the front page of one of our local daily papers.

    City of Kamloops, BC., in the foreground, and the sky and mountains in the background: orange red with flames and smoke consuming the surroundings.

    Serious indeed.

    Shamus? How are things near you?

    I understand that parts of Alberta are experiencing some nasty forest fires, but the images I saw on-line and in the daily paper: disturbing. Made me think of our Australian compatriots last January/February.

    Here is a news link from CBC:

    Hope everyone is safe and sound near the affected regions.

  • Hamas


    Guys got it bad there, huh ?

    Forest fires in Canada is not good news. I hope and pray for all those concerned.

    Rayzor, Shamus, and others, stay safe, man. Stay safe.


    Hamas, thanks for your comments.

    Fortunately for me, I am about 4000 kms. away from the affected area. But it still concerns me.

  • JH

    This link gives more detail on forest fires in Canada

  • Hamas

    Hey Ray,

    That is fortunate ! Good job Canada is such a large place.

    We should all spare a thought for those poor people (and wildlife) that have been caught up in this mess.

    This is natures way of telling man that he ain't that big after all.

  • shamus

    I am just fine... except for the smoke.

    I started a similar thread about 3 daze ago.... the smoke is thinning out a bit, but we're basically surrounded here in chase. If it blows South / North, it'll head right for us! Good thing is that the wind is primarialy south-westerly, so we should be okey dokey, eh?

    The bad news is I'm moving to Valemount on the 19th. The road is closed, and I'm trapped here... Hopefully it'll open soon, or I'll go take advantage of some Dubs and live with them. We can relive old times and judge people.... it'll be fun!


  • Special K
    Special K

    10,000 people evacuated from their homes!!!!

    That is not just a little "smoky".

    Didn't the povince of B.C. declare a state of emergency? Or did I just think I heard that here on the other end of Canada.

    Special K

    Take care my B.C. Canadians..

  • shamus

    Yes, we are in a state of emergency right now.

    No big whoop for now, though.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Are JWs using candles now? In the woods that is!

  • jgnat

    Yes, good thing Canada is such a sparsely populated country. My parents were going to Vancouver, but had to turn back at Hinton. Highway closed. With the power out around Kamloops, they would not have been able to gas up in any event.

    The closest we will get to the fire is a light dusting of ash on our car. Nothing to worry about this far east. There is this huge mountain range in the way...

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