I have to get this off my system, so here the WTS bashing comes

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  • nevermind

    Hey guys,

    I'm glad we're all on here because we're all united in our realization and acceptance about the truth about the Watchtower Society.

    I'm going to share my thoughts about the WTS because I feel like this needs to go out there, if not just for the personal satisfaction of getting this out of my system. So here it comes, and if you all have some indignation about the WTS to get off your system, please share them by posting as well!

    1) Tomo III belongs in a jump suit behind bars locked up in a federal prison for being a dangerous lunatic. Hey, you don't need to directly kill or murder people to be dangerous to the public. You can be just spreading dangerous practices that have no biblical basis at all that puts people's lives in danger because of your crazy beliefs. Tomo III is just as much a threat to the society as that crazy freeway shooter, it's just that his threat is subtle, disguised behind the name of religion. Check out JWsurvey article on crazy Tomo praising a ten year boy for refusing the medical treatment he needed to live - http://jwsurvey.org/cedars-blog/21st-century-christian-martyrdom-tony-morris-praises-jw-boy-who-died-refusing-blood

    2) I can't and will never be able to fathom at the selfishness of JWs who shun their own flesh and blood. I'm guessing that at the core of them buying into this whole crazy shunning their family is the greed to take a piece of that paradise earth, which they don't realize is just a sham. Greed to the point of cruelly shunning their own moms and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, etc.

    3) A JW's arrogance has no bounds. To feel superior while one isn't is borderline mental.

    4) The clowns that make up the Governing Body are just that - clowns. It's amusing, if not sad, at how these baffoons are practically worshipped by the JWs and are believed by the JWs to be future rulers in the new system. You can only imagine, well thank goodness, it's only imaginery, what the new system will be like with these baffoons running the show. Women in the new system wearing burkas covering their whole bodies from head to toe don't seem like such a far fetched idea!

    5) If the new earth was true, which it isn't, then it will be much like the idiosyncratic nation of communist North Korea! No kidding!

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS inherent history is one of crass commercialization or charlatanism where doctrines where created to spur on the proliferation of the literature the WTS published.

    Since its founding roots were developed in the late 19th century, it had a starting chance to flourish and exceed in grabbing people's attention for the population was still held in ignorance upon many things and the bible was still highly respected.

    Its was people like J Rutherford, F. Franz , H. Knorr who were highly aggressive in getting more people working for of the WTS.

    Even to the extent of telling people to not getting married or having children, forget about education, all were said to be futility needless for the end the system of things was due to happen soon.

    More people distributing the WTS literature meant more incoming money, more devoted members meant more exploitation of those members in building up facilities or working at printing plants etc.

    All the while reconfirming the leader's own self devised power control over those subjective members.

    The WTS orchestrated a commercial fraud of sorts exploiting people's own ignorance, fears and insecurities, that exploitation unfortunately still continues to this day.

    Those top men still have the power and control as well all the money which has bloomed dramatically in the last couple of years.

  • LongHairGal

    There's so much to say I can't think of it all at once:

    I am profoundly disappointed at the charade I was duped into joining. When all was said and done, the Witnesses were found to be no better than any other religion.

    I remedied my error by walking away from it all.

  • Chook

    We all just got duped by a clever counterfeit operation. Slick book printing, they had the answer for EVERYTHING. I thought I won gods lottery, of all the poor bastards he choose me , how lucky for me to be incorporated into the Pennsylvania printing companies free labor regime. Not only that I will try and keep my family company men too. I wouldn't have so much distaste for the JW church if people were free to go elsewhere to worship. There's hundreds of books written, blogs written to know that their teachings have Directly cause death, someone has to pay, Head office is directly responsible .

  • Vidiot

    I'v lost count of just how much more the WTS has been wrong, as opposed to when they were right.

  • millie210

    Just yesterday I was reading an old thread here about how the "donation" program came in to being. It is as big a farce as most everything else this religion has come up with.

    For some odd reason I dont lament the time I lost to it though. Rather, I just feel extreme gratitude and joy that my eyes are open and I am free to live and think and taste life the way we are all entitled to.

    Freedom is a heady, joyous thing and it is ours!

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