Special Bethelite Speakers

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  • JW_Rogue

    I've noticed that some Elders will insist on getting a special Bethel speaker for memorials, special talks, or sometimes for no reason at all! I believe they are trying build connections they can use later, but who pays for it? The congregation does and as a former account servant I can tell you airfare isn't all that cheap. Now I could see doing this everyone once in awhile, if it is an excellent speaker but some of these guys are just flat out dull. There are local brothers in the circuit who are better. Anybody else notice this trend?

  • Darkknight757

    The last memorial I went to had a bethel speaker instead of a local elder. He seriously stunk the place up. It's funny because my old hall had some excellent speakers and they use a guy nobody knew, thinking that he could make "the most boring night of the year" better somehow.

  • JW_Rogue

    Same thing here, the Brother actually appeared nervous and unsure of what to say at certain parts LOL

  • berrygerry

    Our congo had a Bethelite move in, and he recently became COBE.

    Naturally, he gives talks at the SAD and at the RC.

    He is horrible.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes our cong would often scramble to get a bethel speaker in.

    Yet they were no more qualified to speak, and were often more boring!

    I know too for a fact that the cong gave money "to cover his travel expenses"

  • ToesUp

    They love thes "special JW's." They drool over them!


    Special Bethelite Speakers

    I know too for a fact

    that the cong gave money "to cover his travel expenses".....SIAR2

    Special Broke Bethelite Speakers

    Image result for Poorly dressed businessman

  • fulano

    Of course the congregation pay for the travels. In Europe it is a fixed amount per kilometer. I was never a Bethel speaker but once was invited to give the memorial talk in Spanish far away from the branch I was working at. The starting group had No qualified speaker, so we did the long trip. Got a nice dinner and about a 150 guilders as expenses (in 1989), would be a 75 euros in todays money. Makes sense to me, you can not expect a poor Bethelite cover the expenses.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    We Had Rudy Hardle and his wife from Patterson last year give our Memorial and Public Talk. Very enjoyable and it only cost us $1100, cheaper than for a Circuit Assembly. Our congregation likes to do this every 3 years(invite a Bethelite to speak).

  • ShirleyW

    James Jack, I know Rudy and his wife, they were good friends with my parents, my mom had them over for dinner several times! I was wondering if his wife was still alive because she had some kind of condition that she had to use a wheelchair sometimes and it's been more than ten years since I've seen them. Are they still at Bethel? GUess they didn't get kicked to the curb, yet.

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