Finders Keepers?

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  • TresHappy

    I work at a college, and during the fall and spring semesters, I am constantly getting keys, umbrellas, books, blah blah blah, etc. dropped off in my office. I really try to find the owners of these items, especially the car keys. Usually I go to every class in session and ask if anyone lost their keys. That usually works. With textbooks, it's difficult, especially if they don't have any name/identification on them.

    Biggest find: when I was 10 I found a wallet with $500.00 in it (how many TV shows have been made with that storyline) while playing at the neighborhood park. I told my parents and we called the police. They came and took it for holding. About a week later, a retiree came and claimed it and left me with a $10.00 reward. So it pays to be honest, most of the time!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think that everyone's replies and experiences so far have been ethical.

    I think there is a difference between finding something in a public place and "finding" it on private property, like in someone's yard or sofa.

    Remember that we were once encouraged to believe that some all-seeing invisible accountant was keeping track of our every move and writing down scores.

    Well, I don't believe that anymore.

    I believe we should act in the manner in which we would want others to act for us. That alone is sufficient "morality."

    I also do not believe in always returning money when a arithmetically challenged clerk gives me too much change. Like they say, "education is expensive" and after turning in a register that is short cash, you can be sure the negligent clerk will receive some education. That said, I usually do give them their money back. Not always, though. Tax the stupid, I say!

  • Special K
    Special K

    Pretty honest bunch of people here.


    I feel bad about the puppy though.

    I had a neighbour who found a little dog one time. Similar circumstance and it was obvious the dog wasn't being cared for. The vet said the puppy had on going ear infections and couldn't hear very well. It's ears were a mess!!! The neighbour spent about 500 buck to get the dog back to healthy over several weeks and then someone showed up and said it was their dog.

    The neighbour asked them to provide a proof of purchase and also for also to pay all the vet bills if proof of ownership could be provided. Needless to say, the people couldn't provide and proof and didn't want to pay the bills.. sooooo.. my neighbours got to keep this puppy and it has a better home than some kids I know.

    About 5 years ago, I forgot and left two cases of soda pop on my shopping cart (the bottom) and drove away. Once I realized, what happened (within an hour) I went back. There was no soda pop to be found.. so I went into the store office and asked if someone had turned it in.

    NOPE.. nobody turned it in. Oh Well.. it was only soda... and the lesson I learned is that DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THE BOTTOM OF YOUR SHOPPING CART!!

    Was that you spice it up.. who drank my soda?.. (funny ha ha. that we each have the other end of the story.

    But I agree, that most of the time it is circumstantial.. and alot depends on the value of the item found as to how much effort one wants to put into locating the owner

    The wallet with the money and name in it is a no brainer (call them)

    The cell phone that rings (tell them here it is)

    The camera (that was quite an investment.. I'll try to find them)

    The 5 bucks I found in the ditch.. I'll keep that

    The 2,500 dollars found in a money bag by the side of the road.. I'll try to find the owner.

    And the kid who makes the mistake at the cash register . Well, if there cash doesnt' balance that money comes out of their pocket.. and they only make minimum wage most of the I will tell him he made a mistake.

    Special K

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