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  • Aroq

    Ok, I'm willing, and thinking about going to the meetings, but there is a catch. I'm not, nor ever be a jw. I know too much about their beliefs. But, my family are all in, and I know I've already ruined the thought of being "in the family" with my mil. Mostly because I asked too many questions that had no answer. I have two children that my wife takes them to the kh. I want them to see, that daddy isn't ignorant. Please give me your thoughts.

    My wife knows fully well I don't agree.

  • shepherdless

    Hi Aroq,

    if your situation is vaguely like mine, I would say no. Don't go. If necessary, check clandestinely, so you have knowledge of what nonsense they are going to be told at each meeting.

    My wife is an ardent JW (and lost cause) who also takes the kids to KH. I never attend. Instead I teach my kids maths and science where possible, help them with their homework, etc. I also have made sure they have good access to books and the internet. My oldest knows heaps about evolution, dna, carbon dating, abiogenesis, quantum mechanics, multiverses, ancient history, church history, periodic table, electrical circuits and electronics etc.

    My tactic seems to be working. My kids seem to have picked up that most JW's know virtually nothing about those topics, whereas they learn a bit from me, learn a bit more at school, and learn a bit elsewhere, and it is all coherent. One of my kids (primary school age) said something the other day along the lines that Elders are uneducated people. At least 2 of my kids accept evolution is a fact.

    I don't know your situation, but I suspect that if you refuse to go, and are the one to teach your kids stuff (tiny non-controversial bits at a time) your kids will soon be thinking that daddy is not the ignorant one. You will also be teaching them that they don't have to pander to nonsense.

    Anyway, that is my 2c worth.

  • Heaven

    Hi Aroq!

    If you want your children to know you have integrity, and are intellectually honest, don't go. I certainly am in 100% agreement with shepherdless's method. Teach your children critical thinking skills. It is a highly valuable skill they can use all their lives.

    Have you asked your wife why she wants to worship a god who creates evil? (Isaiah 45:7)

  • Absolutesbeginners

    Don't go .

    Never .

    Even for the " black mass" once a year .

    Never put a foot in this place .

    Make a big difference between you and " them"

    And soon or later your kids will be very proud of you

    because " Daddy was asking good questions !! "

    Its only what i think ...its worth maybe 1 c ?

    Not even sure .

    Good luck

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Absolutely do not go, but do as shepherdless said be a great dad and teach them other stuff that will help them make correct (non jw) choices later on.

    Going just reinforces the hope that you will come around to it eventually and puts you on the radar for extra attention from the elders etc. It also sends the wrong and conflicting message to your kids.

    Looking back, if my non jw dad had made the effort to get closer to me as a kid instead of me just being afraid of him 90% of the time he'd have weakened the very strong bond I had with my ultra JW mother, and who knows maybe i wouldnt have made those dumb choices like getting baptised at 16. If he'd been there for me in those times and i'd respected him and his opinions I likely would have wanted to please him instead of my mother. What a different life I'd have likely had then.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Don't go and tell your children that they can go with Mother or stay home with Father.
  • Darkknight757

    Don't ever go to the Kingdom Hell. Your children will appreciate that you are a man of morals and integrity.

    Do fun things with them. Keep teaching them about real life stuff. Be a good father.

  • Aroq
    Thank you all for the input. The unanimous opinion is no, not a good idea. I really appreciate shepardless' comments and have been doing this for most of my children's lives. I was just thinking it might help, but true that it would be far better to just work with my kids. I'm not a jw, I think I've been to a meeting once. That was only to see what my kids would have to go to.
  • Bardamu

    Trust me, your children hate going to the meetings. Every meetings.

    I remember my days were ruined at the perspective of going to the meeting after school or on a saturday evening, i was so happy whenever i missed one (didnt happen often).

    This can be hard with your wife but it really is one the biggest help you can provide to them if you say that they can also stay at home instead of going to the meetings (and i'm not even talking about the saturday morning preaching)

  • LostGeneration
    Why are you letting your kids go?

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