The SOB Pedophile is out of Jail !!!

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  • Mary
    He was held over for psych evaluation using various approved techniques, such as a device that measures his sexual response to child porn. Then we were all shocked to learn that he would not have to serve any jail time ... and simply be placed on probation for 10 years, and have to register during that time as a sex offender. Then, in yet another surprise move, he was finally put in the Gray-Bar Hotel for six months.

    Amazing, it sounds as though this creep needs to have his dick blown off...........and I don't mean with someone's mouth either. How in god's name could any judge let a frigging PEDOPHILE off with probation??!! Unbe-freakin-leavable!!

  • Amazing

    Hi Mary: He did eventually get 6 months in county jail ... this was his first offense, and he had a good court appointed lawyer who was able to get his sentancing reduced by cooperating and bargaining ... what concerns me is that he still has custody of his young grandson ... the girl he molested was 11 or 12 ... but she was young for her age, and not yet sexually developed ... and she was a relative of his ... so it made it even more sickening ...

  • Bendrr

    Amazing, sometimes the "criminal justice system" doesn't do its job.

    The bastard needs to meet justice and if the courts won't do it, then...........

    Well let's put it this way. If there's a "fund" then you can count on me to "contribute".


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