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  • Blueblades

    Hi Ozzie! Our Kingdom Ministry for August Announcements section.Beginning the week of October 20,2003,we will study Worship the Only True God in the Congregation Book Study.

    On page 2,the Society introduces the Book with this letter:

    To Our Readers:Everlasting life on a paradise earth ! By means of a study of the Bible,we learn about this wonderful hope.But this,as well as other basic teachings of God's Word,is just a beginning.The Bible urges all who love God to "grasp mentally...[ the ] height and depth"of his precious truths. ( Ephesians 3:18 ) To that end,this book has been prepared.We hope that it will help you to grow spiritually and to be better equipped to walk the narrow road leading to life in God's righteous new world.-----The Publishers

    I am sure that much can be sad about what is written to our readers by the publishers,but,I'll leave that to Ozzie's comments on the book.

    So,this 2nd "Must Read" book for baptism candidates is now a "Must Study" book for the Congregation.

    For those who want to get a jump start on what the book is really about go to Ozziepost topics,there he reviews and comments on various chapters in the Worship Book.

    Thanks Ozzie,I have enjoyed your comments on this book soon to be studied at the book study in October.

  • Will Power
    Will Power
    "By means of a study of the Bible..."

    Oh reeeeeeeeally!


  • ozziepost

    Why, thank you, Bluesy! Interesting ain't it, that the R&F must now digest this singularly tardy tome.

    So they're going to start in October, eh? I can see I'd better get a "wriggle on" and complete a few more chapters.........just to help with the pre-study you understand!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • minimus

    This book should at least bring up the attendance for the meeting. Nothing is worse than the Isaiah books!

  • johnny_was_good

    just to let some of you know.

    They are going to study one chapter each week.

  • ozziepost
    one chapter each week

    that's a study????

  • blondie
    This book should at least bring up the attendance for the meeting.

    Will it bring you back to the meetings, minimus? Blondie

  • minimus

    nope. I haven't been to a bookstudy except once this summer. And the latest from my wife as she reads the other Franz book is that she hopes to stop going in September.(Her friends are the issue for her right now)......Ah yes, late Sunday morning family breakfasts, Hollywood Squares on Tuesday and Thursday nights.....Life couldn't be better!

  • blondie

    Congratulations to her on her progress.

    The Worship Book came out originally in 1983 and was required studying with bible students who finished the big red book. It was allowed to go out of print and the big red book was replaced with the Knowledge book. Then only one book was necessary (and the Require brochure). Then the WTS decided to go back to the 2 book requirement but found that no one had any Worship books on hand since they were allowed to go out of print. Can we anticipate that in about 10 years the one book procedure will be back in vogue?

    But one chapter a week?! That will certainly sound it down into their hearts.

    Chapter 1 starts out with SOON and PARADISE in the first paragraph.

    That God will soon destroy it (this present wicked world), and that he will replace it with his paradisaic new world.
    "Just a little while longer"
    Those who are now being unified in true worship make up the first residents of that new world.
    We are very near to the end of this wicked world
    The Christian congregation serves as the organization through which Jehovah instructs his people.
    He will not delay (to destroy this wicked system).
    Eagerly seeking the instruction that Jehovah provides through his Word and organization.

    There are also 7 points with scriptures in paragraph 10 (with a few edits). I'm sure they will be getting the meat of the matter, not!

    1. We acknowledge Jehovah's the WTS' right to set the standard as to good and bad.

    2. We have God's Word to guide us (as interpreted for us by the WTS in its publications.)

    3. We all benefit from the same feeding program (food prepared by the WTS not God).

    4. Jesus Christ, God's organizationn (WTS) and no human, is our Leader.

    5. We look to God's Kingdom government (expressed here on earth as the WTS) as the only hope for humankind.

    6. Holy spirit produces in worshipers of Jehovah qualities that are vital to Christian unity. (The first one is that everything the WTS says you will do or be DF'd as an apostate.)

    7. All of God's true worshipers share in preaching the good news of the Kingdom. (The manner and amount which will be determined by the WTS.)


  • shamus

    I'll be sure to attend every meeting now....

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