What Religious Trajectory Are The JWs Following?

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  • millie210

    Interesting to contemplate the difference in recognizing the past of a religion (history) and how dragging it in to a present tense through language would be "hate speech".

    Very interesting.

    Having never been subject to any atrocities by a religion (unless you count the endless tedium of growing up witness and associated emotional responses) I can see that the longer a religion exists the more opportunities it has to make huge missteps in judgement. To be corrupted thoroughly even.

    I have long admired the history of the Jews. This may in part be due to an admired mentor in my field who is Jewish. I have seen things through her eyes.

    When I started to compare/contrast the Catholic church to the JWs, it mainly had to do with strict control and teachings. I was shocked to see the 1947 comment by the JWsabout how pagan it was for Catholics to excommunicate and now that the Catholics have greatly relaxed their excommunication policy the JWs have picked up the thread and enforce it greatly!

    I dont think I communicated clearly enough in my original post that I wasnt contrasting the two religions as they are now. I was looking at an old established religion and a relatively new one and wondering if,

    since they share some characteristics, if the new one might continue to manifest similar changes to the older one.

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