Letter from Mother: "...go right ahead on death's road and take your kids with you."

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  • silentbuddha

    So my JW father is sick. My mother uses the opportunity to try and preach to my 16 year old daughter. I simply told my mother to: "Please refrain from trying to lure *my daughter* in with Jehovah's Witness questioning." Pretty simple request a parent would have for someone trying to re-indoctrinate their child. Well notice the JW hellfire this insane person unleashed:

    "Listen to me because I'm saying this once & then I'm DONE! I am not trying to LURE *your daughter* in with questioning. This is a copy of what I sent to her. ......

    Hi *my daughter*'

    This is Grandma. Your dad gave me your cell phone #. I hope you're doing well. I'm sure this must be your school time so I'll be brief. Just wanted to send love your way & let you know that grandpa is in the hospital. He had a *medical procedure extracted* . He's making progress. Please pray to Jehovah that he can recover. Its difficult for him because he's an independent person. We're all praying for him. Do you pray 🙏 to Jehovah? Please call your grandpa. He will love to hear from you. His # *number removed*. Have a good day sweetie. Love you a bunch.......

    There is no luring or questioning!! I said we are all praying for *your father* & I asked her to pray for him too & does she pray. Are you so paranoid about our faith that I can't ask my grandchild to pray for her grandpa?!!? I remember a little girl who gave a wonderful witness to her teacher about birthdays & holidays. A little girl who told her teacher that JEHOVAH doesn't like magic & she didn't either. A little girl who played Kingdom Hall after every meeting with her friends & she took the lead. Has your apostasy destroyed that child's knowledge of Jehovah, the only true God?

    Have you brainwashed her so she doesn't want to even hear about praying to our Creator to our Maker. Did I bring a child into this world who has truly turned away from Almighty God & embraced Satanic ideas. I can't & won't deal with it. I AM ON JEHOVAH'S SIDE.

    When Jehovah put Aaron's 2 sons to death, he was told not to grieve. If Aaron had grieved it would appear he wasn't in harmony with Jehovahs decision to punish them. Most of Jehovah's servants have unbelieving relatives that turn from the truth. A friend here in my congregation has cut her son off completely because it hurts her too much to see the course he's taken.

    I've tried & hoped that some day you would return because Jehovah knows our heart & i truly wanted to believe that my son who made the truth his own, after all you had done.....I just knew you'd be back. Some of your old friends tell me ''he'll be back *mothers name removed*''. Well you have reinforced all the negativity I've tried not to listen too. You want this world & what Satan offers but its all a trap. When he's got you at a certain point your going to wonder what hit you. And it will probably be too late for you or your pride won't let you humble yourself before Jehovah.

    So you go right ahead on deaths road and take your children with you. I'm thankful to Jehovah for the children & grandchildren that Jehovah has given me as He promised. They soothe my heart for the ones I've lost. Your dad seems to be having a difficult time because they put him back on the opioid that was so bad for him. I won't contact you or your children. I'm literally sick over this. Trying to deal with my own failing health & care for *father's name removed* isn't easy but Jehovah helps me. Isa.30:15 my strength comes from staying calm & trusting in Jehovah. I'm blocking your numbers. You can call your sister or brother. PLEASE don't stress your father with your foolishness."

  • Simon

    This is why, when people call for government to enforce association after they are disfellowshipped or disassociate, they miss a vital point: it would work both ways.

    Sometimes you want to protect your children from the dangerous influence of nutty believers, to spare them the pain of the WTS experience and to stop it being passed on to their kids.

    I think some people know, but they take the easy option rather than confronting it - effectively passing on the hard choice to be made to their children and grand-children.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I'm so sorry, I know it hurts. I'm going to flip it around and say perhaps some day SHE'LL come around, and if you don't 'reinforce' her misconception of you and let her know you'll always be there when she needs you it just may happen, but until then I wish you and your family comfort.

  • redvip2000

    Perhaps it doesn't work for everybody, but in my case I keep challenging my mother with facts. My mother is exactly this type as well, perhaps not as combative.

    One of the last times she tried to preach to me, I simply told her that according to the Org, the world governments will shut down organized religion and then eventually come after Jdubs. I told her that for this to happen we will need to see freedom of religion be abolished, change in constitutions in many different countries. And that once that happens, at least we'll know the Org will be right about something and I'll consider coming back. Now, of course none of that will happen.

    So now, when she tries to preach I simply point to that. That I'm still waiting for this to happen, and this has been effective in pushing back and shutting it down. In her mind, she probably reluctantly admits that those things do need to happen first and they are not happening.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    "Do you pray to Jehovah?"

    Such an innocent sounding question but we all know its nothing more than a sales tactic, sadly.

  • silentbuddha

    I've accepted my mother and my family are beyond hope. 60+ years in this cult and your mind is literally fried.

    This is the first time I have spoken to her in a looking time because my dad is sick. It doesn't hurt me that she responded this way. I posted it to show what happens to the mind of a true believer. She is literally mentally gone.

    If courts force people to associate with the disfellowshipped then the disfellowshipped are basically opening themselves up to even more harassment. NOT WORTH IT.

  • silentbuddha

    Joey Jojo... This is exactly the point. It may seem innocent but it is the first step to turning someone into a cult member.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    So you go right ahead on deaths road and take your children with you. I'm thankful to Jehovah for the children & grandchildren that Jehovah has given me as He promised. They soothe my heart for the ones I've lost.

    You: This is exactly the hateful imbalanced nonsense I'm trying to shield my daughter from. On one hand you try to sound like a loving Christian grandmother and then you go off on some fanatic sounding tirade about "Magic, Aaron's sons being put to death, your lost grandchildren, my supposed Apostasy, Satan's offers etc. You sound as if you've already condemned us to death for God, as if you have such a choice or authority. Thankfully for all of us, you don't, besides, isn't it a sin to Judge others , lest you be Judged likewise yourself? Did you imagine that such speech wouldl somehow draw us back to your religion? It has done the opposite.

    I am going to consider your last correspondence as a one-off and although you had good intentions, you let your emotions get the best of you. Again, you are welcome to communicate with my children as long as you respect my wishes where religion is concerned. This is no different than what you would have expected from someone of another religion, when speaking to me when I was a child.

    P.S. You might want to do a little research on the topic of Apostasy and the meaning of the word and how it doesn't apply to me. Also check the origin of the name Jehovah and you'll find that Jehovah isn't God's name and perhaps as the creator of the universe, he doesn't appreciate being called by his first name especially if it's being mispronounced.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    redvip2000, you made good points but I think there is one problem with your line of reasoning. The WT/JWs say that when the governments of the world unitedly turn against Babylon the Great, that is the start of the Great Tribulation. The WT/JW's also say that when the Great Tribulation starts, because it is actually Jehovah executing adverse judgement ( through the governments) on false religion, it would be very likely too late to gain a favorable relationship with Jehovah God. Do you agree that such is what the WT teaches?

    Furthermore in the case of the USA, the Constitution wouldn't actually have to changed, since the USA could sign and ratify a UN Treaty which bans religion. That is because the USA Constitution says all USA Treaties become part of the highest law of the USA - in practical effect an extension of the Constitution and perhaps even of higher authority than any parts of the Constitution which are in conflict with the Treaty. Another way would be if the USA government were to trample the Constitution by use of military force. However, I don't think any of these things could happen in the USA within the next 20 years.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    silentbuddha, in reading what your mom wrote to your daughter, I don't think she was trying to preach to her. I think your mother believed that your daughter believes in Jehovah (and maybe even believed that you believe in Jehovah, even if you have told her multiple times that you no longer believe in Jehovah), and that part of the reason why she believes such is due to her hoping that you and your daughter will become saved and enter the paradise New Order.

    In my own situation it was (and still is) difficult for my mom to accept that I am now an atheist. For years there were times when she taught I must still have some belief in Jehovah or that seeing certain things happening in the world must have caused me to believe in Jehovah again. She tells me she still hopes I will change my thinking and return to the organization and to worship of Jehovah, before it is too late (from her perspective). She really, really believes the great tribulation is extremely near. Most of the times when I tell her "I am an atheist" (in order to make a point with her that I will never become a believing JW again nor attend the Kingdom Hall again) I see great emotional pain in her face and I hear it in her voice. She doesn't want to be confronted with the idea that I am a convinced atheist - even though it was 10 years ago (and thus long ago) when I became an outright atheist. She loves her son (me) and remembers when I was a ministerial servant for years and that I even gave some Sunday sermon public talks, and was a regular pioneer. She also tells me I am a good son. My mother remembers those things about my past like your mother remembers your daughter's past love for Jehovah and your daughter's former worship of him.

    Your mother wants your father to become healthy and she believes in the power of prayer to Jehovah God. She also apparently believed that if your daughter prayed to Jehovah for grandpa (your father) that it might help grandpa. As a result, she wrote the letter to you daughter - mostly for the benefit of your father (not to preach to your daughter and not to lure your daughter to becoming a JW). That is what I think she was thinking, but I might be wrong. Notice in her reply to you she says she thought your daughter still believed in Jehovah and possibly prayed to him. At the time your mother also said she was still hoping you would return to Jehovah. I think she meant all of that.

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