Spillane, Mickey Spillane--Cool Brother Spillane-naked wife on the cover

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    OK what did he do to the woman? I need titillated too.

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    ***SPOILER ALERT*****

    The basic storyline of I, the Jury is simplicity itself. Manhattan PI Mike Hammer vows to personally execute the murderer of his buddy, ex-cop Jack Williams, who had lost an arm in the Pacific saving Hammer’s life. In his search, he meets a seductive female psychiatrist, a pair of man-hungry twin sisters, a medical student who lives with a racket boss, and other lovables. After wading through the carnage of four more murders he gets to carry out his grim sentence, gut-shooting the psychiatrist and narcotics queenpin Charlotte Manning, watching her die slowly and painfully.

    The last two lines of the book are justly famous, or at least infamous.
    Manning: “How c-could you?”
    Hammer: “It was easy.”

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