Public Talk Outlines!

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  • Atlantis

    Current Public Talk Outlines. Blank page between each talk.

    The meeting is over! What a relief!

  • jp1692

    Cute baby!

  • carla

    Is the term 'jehovah's unified organization' something new or old? do they say that? unified?

  • Atlantis


    (Jehovah's unified organization). The term or phrase has been out for a while.

    Watchtower/2002/April 1st/pg.29

    At the conclusion of the last talk, the visiting speaker read a touching announcement prepared by the Governing Body. It said, in part: “Now is the time to stay awake and keep on the watch, discerning how events on the world scene develop. . . . We want to convey to you the loving concern the Governing Body has for you and for all the rest of God’s people. May he bless you richly in doing his will whole-souled.” Jehovah’s people everywhere are determined to stay awake in these critical times and to keep moving ahead courageously with Jehovah’s unified organization.

  • alanv

    They say all sorts of things, that are not true. They are not at all united. Each year 100,000 or more leave the org because they dont agree with the governing body in some area or areas. Many more stay, but just dont voice their disagreements.

  • Phizzy

    Thanks Petra,

    just glanced at one Outline, and I see they are as dire as when I refused to give anymore Public Talks, as I could no longer get on the Platform and spout the org's nonsense. Prior to that, I used to "knock the outline in to shape" as I termed it, many an Elder told me, " I give that Talk,and the way you presented it is very different". No wonder, I would say nothing I could not see plainly in the Bible.

    Shortly after, I woke up fully and left for good.

  • carla

    Thank you!

  • MacHislopp

    Hello Petra,

    once again many thanks for this excellent and ... orecious file!!!

    Very useful to check "in writing"n among other things, some of th

    WTBS Inc.Governing Body lies.

    My friends here in Europe ...send their thanks -also.

    Greetings to .. you all,

    J.C. MacHislopp

  • BluesBrother

    Browsing through it is evident that, whatever the theme, they all follow the same pattern.

    A few minutes setting out the subject, a few more applying that subject to life today ...then the body of it telling the audience what they have to do. Whatever the theme is the talk is always saying pray hard, keep busy, follow directions, be good and gain life in paradise....

    You could mix and match and nobody would notice.

  • Jerryh

    Thank you

    I never was a Jw. Is there a way to know the schedule for these talks?


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