WT Publication Index '96-'99 and WT LIBRARY 1999 Disc .. Will Mail free

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  • badolputtytat

    I have the four Publication index books dated 96-99. And the entire Watchtower Library disc 1999 original not a copy) with the complete instruction book. The cd includes the entire New World Translation, and a dozen or so books dated back to 1963. Also the Awakes and dozens of tracts and booklets. Pretty hefty stuff. I also have the books YOUNG PEOPLE ASK.... and CREATION and Several hard copies of the Magazines. Also the Magazine "JW's What do they believe"

    I am a little lost with it, but anyone needing copies of any of this stuff is more than welcome to it. As you may know I am sorta "undercover" right now, gathering everything that I can. I have stolen aquired this information directly from family and the Kingdom Hall.

    I am no technical expert with computers. But if there is somewhere I can upload this stuff to share it just let me know.. I am also willing to MAIL you copies of the discs, I have a burner. Wont cost you a PENNY. Scr*w E-bay.

    I set this e-mail box up so I dont get busted, it isn't my POP mail server, but it will work if you need to contact me. [email protected] or send me an invite on yahoo pager to badolputtytat2000 . I can also fax copies of pages out of the index books, from my office on week days. Just thought someone could use some of it.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    you really are one badoleputtytat LOL

    expect mail

  • badolputtytat

    heh heh.... das me. but only where they are concerned... spiritual warfare and all...

  • Odrade

    oooh! I got tons o' stuff too! A whole box full of just "placement literature!" Not to mention both DH and my relatively complete personal libraries going back to probably early 70s.

    Anyone want stuff? I'll send you a list.

  • badolputtytat

    To the person who requested the 89 watchtower... yes I have it on the disc... I dont know if what you are looking for is in the disc version... but I would be happy to cut/paste it and post it right here... a lot of reading and the search feature is pretty lax... it would help if you knew wich article the sentence you are looking for, is in. I am working on it though.

    I dont know if posting the entire issue is "out of line" with Simon... but I will try, if it takes up too much room... I will be happy to remove it.

  • yxl1


    I've sent an email to your address. I'll have whatever you've got. I cant get this stuff from my mum, she knows I mock the WT stuff and has now refused to give me any.

    A big thank you !!!


  • cat1759

    Hi Badolputtytat,

    I have nothing from the 90s. I have books going back to the fifties but nothing current as I refused the books mom would give me..I know such a fool. Would love the disc.


  • badolputtytat

    I have received many e-mails... Yall just give me a couple days to make enough copies to go around, but I am working on it. Those who offered to pay postage... FORGET IT....

    I also am working on getting this on an FTP thingie... but I am a little lost with the ftp that I downloaded... never used it before... Have any suggestions? ( I cannot put this on a site in my name... family issues)

    Hang in there folks... I am getting this stuff out as quickly as I can... LL you are first dear!

  • drwtsn32

    bad, what exactly do you want to host on FTP? If you try putting the WTLIB on an FTP site you'll risk copyright violation issues. Otherwise I would have put the 2001 WTLIB on my FTP site a long time ago. The safest thing is to mail out copies.

  • badolputtytat

    Thanx Drwtsn.... Kazaa has been suggested.... I am working on making copies, but getting many requests... no problem though... give me something to do.

    I am trying to put the whole disc on. Any suggestion about sharing this publicly would be appreciated...

    thought: What if I put it on the web posing as a Jehovah's witness... you know... Sharing the "good news"?????


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